2020 NBA Mock Draft: Vol.II

2020 NBA Mock Draft: Vol.II

Welcome back Violators to another edition of Mock Draft Fridays. If you're joining us for the first time, what took you so long? This installment is going to open the box to some potential hypotheticals. Like we stated before, there will be a total of 5 installments of our Mock Drafts. The 4th installment will be a "What We Would Do" Mock Draft, that might ruffle some feathers, but it's always important to open your mind to any potential possibilities on draft night. Our last installment, which will be the morning of the Draft, will be a "What We Are Hearing."

If you didn't notice previously, a couple of interesting names found themselves right outside of our first-round projections. It's important to remember that it's not that we don't think that these players are first-round talents. But with such an intriguing amount of depth in this class, there's going to be some players that fall regardless. Important note to point out. We are NOT projecting any trades to happen just yet. So stay patient. 

Let's Start...

NBA Mock Draft 2020, Minnesota Timberwolves

ANALYSIS: No change here at the top, as I'm still a believer that Anthony Edwards and the Timberwolves are a promising match together. Earlier this week, TheRinger's Kevin O'Connor reported that there have been some discussions around the league that the Charlotte Hornets are intrigued by moving up to target Memphis big man James Wiseman. The dream scenario for Minnesota would be moving back to three and somehow still landing Edwards, but would they gamble that Golden State wouldn't covet Edwards at 2? 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Golden State Warriors

ANALYSIS: Bob Myers and the Warriors front office are running an absolute clinic on how to use smokescreens throughout the pre-draft process. No one around the league has any sort of clue what the Warriors are going to do, as it's been reported that the Dubs are considering at least 35 people with the 2nd pick. Personally, I'm still buying that there is no way that the Warriors won't move this pick somehow, or at least move down a bit. For now, let's say that the Dubs do stay here...James Wiseman would seem to make the most sense for the Dubs. The curveball here could be Deni Avdija or another wing like Devin Vassell, but I would think that the Warriors would at least try to move back an additional spot and maybe entice Charlotte to get Wiseman if that's the case. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Charlotte Hornets

ANALYSIS: Reports have been swirling this week that the Charlotte Hornets are determined to find a way to move up and target Memphis big man James Wiseman. While this is the most popular time of the year for Rumors to suffocate us all...let's just assume that the Hornets stay put on Draft Day (FOR NOW). LaMelo Ball still seems to be the selection for the Hornets. Although Charlotte has a nice core of ball handlers in Terry Rozier and Devonte' Graham, this team needs to find itself some potential franchise players. Ball will have to work on his outside shot, but the measurables and playmaking ability are outstanding. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Chicago Bulls

ANALYSIS: No change with this pick, as personally, this would be a home run for the Chicago Bulls faithful. Avdija has a fantastic basketball IQ and is a playmaker at 6'9". Avdija might not wow you with his immediate upside or production, but he's one of the best players in this draft period. Inserting Avdija to a core featuring Coby White, Zach LaVine, and the young bigs of Wendell Carter and Lauri Markkanen would be a step forward for the Bulls organization. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Cleveland Cavaliers

ANALYSIS: There's a serious chance that THIS is where the NBA Draft will truly start. Early on in the Pre-Draft process, it was reported that the Cavaliers would be targeting some wing help, especially on the defensive side of the ball. If that report comes out to be true, then names like Devin Vassell and Isaac Okoro should be in the conversation here. For now, Obi Toppin is the selection here. The Cavaliers need to add an offensive spark to their current roster, and Toppin has some serious offensive firepower to his game. Cleveland is still in a situation to add who they think the BPA is, regardless of position. For Cavaliers fans, that might be Toppin right now. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Atlanta Hawks

ANALYSIS: LET"S CHANGE IT UP A LITTLE...In our previous Mock Draft installment, we had the Atlanta Hawks selecting Tyrese Haliburton. Now with these Mocks, we want to be sure to educate you all on any possible scenarios, especially until we get to our final predictions. Rumor season gave us a hot new rumor this week that the Hawks are in "Win Now" mode, and will look to trade this pick for immediate help. Although that's a spicy one, I'm not biting...just yet. Here the Hawks continue to add to their impressive wings collection, pairing Devin Vassell with last year's lottery selections Deandre Hunter and Cam Reddish. Vassell would pair alongside Hunter to become a lethal defensive duo and would offer some intriguing offensive upside for the Hawks as well. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Detroit Pistons

ANALYSIS: The word on the street is that the Detroit Pistons are targeting a playmaker here. That would most likely have this selection come down to Tyrese Haliburton, Killian Hayes, or Kira Lewis Jr. In our previous mock draft installment, we had the Pistons selecting Isaac Okoro. While I think Okoro will still be in the discussion here, Hayes gets the nod for now...Hayes has an intriguing amount of offensive firepower in his game, and NBA teams could be intrigued by his offensive upside. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, New York Knicks

ANALYSIS: One of the hottest names in draft circles right now is Kira Lewis Jr of Alabama and it's well deserved. If you watched College Basketball closely last year, the former Crimson Tide point guard looked every part of a lottery selection. Now, Kira is looking like a potential top 10 selection. While some New York Knicks fans might be praying every night to the basketball gods for LaMelo Ball to fall to 8...this is what you should be praying for. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Washington Wizards

ANALYSIS: Dear Washington Wizards fans, I am rooting for you in this draft. This would be the best possible selection that the Wizards could make for this organization moving forward. GM Tommy Sheppard hit last year with the lottery selection of Rui Hachimura. Adding Onyeaka Okongwu to the mix, alongside a healthy John Wall and a motivated Bradley Beal...things could turn around in a hurry for the Wizards. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Phoenix Suns

ANALYSIS: Haliburton will have one of the most interesting range's come Draft Day. He's currently ranked 5th on our 2020 NBA Draft Big Board, and it wouldn't surprise me to see Haliburton go anywhere from 2 (yes two) to 10. If Haliburton makes it past 7, Phoenix Suns fans should start to get extremely intrigued with adding Haliburton to the puzzle. Rumor has it that James Jones is looking to add shooting and playmaking in this draft. Haliburton would check both of those boxes off in a hurry. Keep an eye on Kira Lewis Jr or even Aaron Nesmith here as well. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, San Antonio Spurs

ANALYSIS: This is still one of my favorite fits in the lottery, which means the Spurs will obviously take someone like Desmond Bane at 11 and he will become an immediate Hall of Famer. Seriously though, Williams makes a lot of sense for the Spurs. Still raw and developing his offensive versatility, Williams is just scratching the surface and the Spurs would be a fantastic fit to unlock his game. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Sacramento Kings

ANALYSIS: Sacramento is quietly becoming one of the more interesting teams in the lottery. There's no secret that the Buddy Hield situation is the "elephant in the room" and Bogdan Bogdanovic is scheduled to become a RFA this offseason. Although I could see the Kings targeting a big man here as well, as of now I'm betting they look to add a wing. Okoro falling to Sacramento here would be a home run. Okoro will take some time to develop his offensive game, but the defensive ability and intangibles are outstanding. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, New Orleans Pelicans

ANALYSIS: Had Saddiq Bey projected to the Pelicans in the previous Mock Draft installment, and I'm sorry Pelicans fans but I love the fit too much. It wouldn't surprise me if this selection comes down to Saddiq Bey or Aaron Nesmith of Vanderbilt. Although Nesmith might be the better outside shooting threat, I still think that Bey gets the nod here due to his basketball IQ and defensive ability. Another name here could be Jalen Smith of Maryland, who is a hot name in draft circles as of late.  


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Boston Celtics

ANALYSIS: With three selections in the first round, Danny Ainge finds himself loaded with ammo again. Will this be the year the Celtics try to move up? If not, this would be a dream fit for the Celtics. There's no denying that the Celtics have plenty of talent in their starting 5, but this current Roster needs some offensive firepower off of the bench. Adding a wing who can light it up from outside should be a priority for Boston in this draft. Nesmith, who is arguably the best shooter in this draft, would be a fantastic addition for the Celtics if he's on the board at 14. Another name who I can't get out of my head here at 14 and this is a huge wildcard...Desmond Bane. 


NBA Mock Draft 2020, Orlando Magic

ANALYSIS: Although I am still proud of all of the stock I have as CEO of the Markelle Fultz Fan Club, I am too intrigued by the fit of Cole Anthony ending up here. Anthony is going to be a fascinating name to monitor on Draft night. Someone is going to be enticed with the tools and gamble. Personally, I think Anthony's offensive firepower could fit perfectly in Orlando. No, I'm not out on Fultz, but if you're a team like Orlando...sometimes the value is too enticing to not add BPA.


NBA Mock Draft, Portland Trail Blazers

ANALYSIS: Portland will find themselves in a position to go a number of directions with this selection. In our last Mock Draft installment, we had the Trail Blazers adding Josh Green, a defensive-minded wing with untapped offensive potential. If Portland doesn't decide to add to their backcourt, don't be surprised if they look for a big man with this selection. Jalen Smith has been a hot name during the Pre-Draft process and offers some serious versatility on the offensive side of the ball. 


NBA Mock Draft, Minnesota Timberwolves

ANALYSIS: Depending on what happens at number 1 for the Minnesota Timberwolves, it wouldn't surprise me if Minnesota tries to add to both the frontcourt and backcourt with their first two selections. After selecting Anthony Edwards 1st overall, Minnesota could look to add a big man next to Karl-AnthonyTowns with this selection. Insert Memphis big man Precious Achiuwa, a versatile defender and rebound machine. Achiuwa still has some work to do in terms of developing his offensive versatility, but he would be a welcomed addition next to Towns with his defense and rebounding ability. 


NBA Mock Draft, Dallas Mavericks

ANALYSIS: This is still one of my personal favorite fits in this first round. Dallas will be in an interesting position to add another nice piece to the puzzle here at 18. The Mavericks will find themselves in a luxury in which they could just simply target BPA, but I love the idea of adding Maxey as a potential scoring threat off of the bench early on in his career. Maxey will have a wide range on draft night, but there's no denying his offensive upside and ability to be a defensive tone-setter. 


NBA Mock Draft, Brooklyn Nets

ANALYSIS: Brooklyn is going to be another fascinating team to keep an eye on during Draft night. While this team could go in a couple of directions, it would surprise me if they don't look to add another wing. Our previous mock draft had Desmond Bane going to Brooklyn here, but this time Josh Green is the selection. With pending free agent Joe Harris expected to cash out, Brooklyn would be wise to add a wing here who can offer some intriguing defensive ability. 


NBA Mock Draft, Miami Heat

ANALYSIS: In our previous mock draft, we had the Miami Heat swinging for the fences and taking Jaden McDaniels. While I love some chaos, let's say the Miami Heat go another direction here. If we are looking at terms of "need" it would seem that point guard or adding to the frontcourt would be two smart directions for the Heat to go here. There's a wide range of bigs and guards that could be the choice here, but I'm personally a fan of the idea of adding a player like Xavier Tillman Sr to this Heat roster. Tillman might be undersized, but he makes up for it with his playmaking and high energy. This could be an absolute steal. 


NBA Mock Draft, Philadelphia 76ers

ANALYSIS: Still one of my favorite fits in this first round. Terry would be welcomed with open arms by the whole entire city of Philadelphia. This Sixers team needs to add some serious shooting ability in this class, and they are going to find themselves in a good position at 21. It wouldn't surprise me if Terry has some serious fans in an organization picking earlier than this...but for now, Terry is still the selection here at 21. 


NBA Mock Draft, Denver Nuggets

ANALYSIS: Previously we had the Nuggets selecting big man Xavier Tillman Sr here at 22. With Tillman off of the board to Miami at 20 in this installment, let's entertain another idea for the Nuggets. Although Denver looks to have something in Michael Porter Jr, the Nuggets will find themselves in a position to take BPA here. With Jerami Grant expected to hit the bank during Free Agency this offseason, Robert Woodard II could be an intriguing selection here for the Nuggets. An intelligent wing with length, the former Mississippi State product could be a versatile weapon on the defensive side of the ball. 


NBA Mock Draft, Utah Jazz

ANALYSIS: Desmond Bane is another prospect who is sizzling in draft circles as of now. It wouldn't surprise me to hear Bane go as early as 14 at this point. Bane is one of the best shooters in this class and his intangibles will have NBA organizations drooling. This would be a dream for Utah. The Jazz look to be in a position to covet a wing in this first round and Bane has the size and frame to play multiple positions on the wing.  


NBA Mock Draft, Milwaukee Bucks

ANALYSIS: Had RJ Hampton to the Milwaukee Bucks in our previous mock draft, and I still am giddy about the potential fit. Hampton could be another prospect that we hear his name much earlier than this, but if he's on the board at 24...Milwaukee would have to pounce at the opportunity. Hampton is a Ferrari in the open court. If he can land with the right team, that allows him time to develop and gain some confidence...his potential is through the roof. 


NBA Mock Draft, Oklahoma City Thunder

ANALYSIS: DO IT PRESTI. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT JUST DO IT. Although I had "Poku" to the Thunder in our last mock, reports have come out that the Thunder have met with Pokusevski twice...so the interest is real. This makes a lot of sense for both sides, as the Thunder can stress serious patience with a potential unicorn-like Pokusevski, especially with 94 draft picks in the upcoming years. 


NBA Mock Draft, Boston Celtics

ANALYSIS: Do I expect Danny Ainge and the Celtics to use all 3 of their first-round selections in this draft? No. Have I been wrong about Danny using all of his picks before? Yes. So let's say Boston just becomes a fan of anarchy and says...we're picking three guys for next year and may the best players survive training camp. Why doesn't Boston swing for the fence on a potential gold mine like Jaden McDaniels? Although McDaniels had a bit of a disappointing freshman year at Washington, he still has a treasure chest of offensive firepower waiting to be unlocked. If McDaniels clicks and is coming off the bench for the Celtics as another wing with a serious offensive game...the Celtics could be terrifying. 


NBA Mock Draft, New York Knicks

ANALYSIS: I'm a bigger fan of Jahmi'us Ramsey than others. I love the idea of the Knicks adding him to the puzzle here, and I had him projected to the Knicks in our previous mock as well. If the Knicks could add Kira Lewis Jr, and then Ramsey here. That backcourt would be fun in a hurry. Ramsey has so much untapped potential waiting to be found. Early on in his career, Ramsey could thrive as a Catch and Shoot weapon, as he ranked in the 91st percentile last year in Catch and Shoot offensive in the half-court. 


NBA Mock Draft, Los Angeles Lakers

ANALYSIS: While I think that the Lakers could target a plug and play point guard here at 28, the idea of adding a big man also is intriguing. Insert Zeke Nnaji who goes after every rebound like his life is depending on it. Zeke still has some developing to his overall versatility on the offensive side of the ball, but he makes plenty of momentum-changing plays on the boards and plays with contagious energy. He'd be a nice weapon early on for this Lakers veteran squad. 


NBA Mock Draft, Toronto Raptors

ANALYSIS: Had Oturu projected to the Raptors in our previous mock and I still am a fan of the fit. Wouldn't surprise me to see impending free agent Serge Ibaka move on from the Raptors but even if Serge decides to stay, adding another versatile weapon to the puzzle could be a big move for the Raptors. Oturu has been one of the most productive bigs in College basketball and has intriguing versatility on both sides of the ball. 


NBA Mock Draft, Boston Celtics

ANALYSIS: It would seem that the Boston Celtics should prioritize two things in this first round. They need to add some firepower on the wings, and they need to add some muscle in the paint. Stewart would be a fantastic fit for the Celtics. Although Boston is high on Robert Williams, Enes Kanter is expected to become a FA and Boston simply needs to add some more toughness in the paint. Although a bit undersized for a natural center, Stewart makes up for it with extreme effort and pure strength.