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Allen Iverson

Good evening fans of basketball, today's lesson in basketball history takes a look at one of the prolific scorers of NBA history. Now some of you might not be fully educated on just how GOOD Allen Iverson truly was. So let us run down some facts to bring you up to speed.

Allen Ezail Iverson was originally born in Hampton, Virginia and would go on to play his college basketball at the legendary Georgetown University. Now what some of you "youngbloods" might not know, is that Georgetown was a powerhouse of a college basketball team back in the day. Some of the best NBA legends of All-Time have spent their College days in a Hoyas uniform. Legends such as Alonzo Mourning, Patrick Ewing, Eric "Sleepy" Floyd, and Dikembe Mutombo all spent time at Georgetown. So why do we mention this?

Iverson ranks #1 All-Time at Georgetown for points only two years.

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Although Iverson spent only two years playing for the Hoyas, he still ranks first All-Time in school history for points scored. As a freshman, Iverson went on to average 20.5 PPG and saw his PPG jump to 25.0 in his Sophomore season. The numbers were good enough to make Iverson the number one overall selection by the Philadelphia 76ers in the "legendary" 1996 draft.

From his rookie year, one thing was clear, Iverson was destined to become a star in the NBA. Surely you've seen his famous cross over against Michael Jordan thousands of times, as that was the moment the league officially was put on notice by the scoring abilities and talent of "AI". But while so many people focus on the scoring ability of Iverson, we often forget how good of a defender "The Answer" was. In fact, Iverson went on to lead the league in steals three times over his career. Below you'll see the steal averages from Iverson over his career, playoffs, and his season-high in the year 2002. 

Season High
2.2 2.1 2.8 (2002)

You'll often hear as Allen Iverson as being known as the "Pound-for-pound" best scorer of All-Time and it's not ridiculous to think of. Iverson was absolutely fearless when attacking the paint and he didn't let his size hold him back from becoming a Freddy Kruger like presence on the basketball court for opposing defenses. Iverson was listed at 6'0" and 165 pounds but played like a giant. His ability to get wherever he wanted to on the court was what made Iverson's scoring ability truly remarkable. 

As you'll see from his numbers below, The Answer put up some video game-like numbers over the course of his career. The numbers below are from 1999 to 2006 with the Philadelphia 76ers. 1999 was the first season in which Iverson would make the NBA All-Star team. 

28.4 3.8 4.7 2.1 42.1% 34.1%
31.1 3.8 4.6 2.5 42.0% 32.0%
31.4 4.5 5.5 2.8 39.8% 29.1%
27.6 4.2 5.5 2.7 41.4% 27.7%
26.4 3.7 6.8 2.4 38.7% 28.6%
30.7 4.0 7.9 2.4 42.4% 30.8%
33.0 3.2 7.4 1.9 44.7% 32.3%
Want some more insane Iverson facts? We thought you'd never ask. Here are some quick hitters for The Answer.
  • One of three players to average 26 points and 6 assists over the course of his career, joining Jerry West and current Los Angeles Lakers Forward Lebron James. 
  • Iverson was the shortest first overall selection of All-Time and would go on to average 23.5 PTS, 7.5 AST, and 2.1 STL during his rookie season.
  • Iverson broke Wilt Chamberlin's rookie season record of scoring 40+ points in five straight games. Wilt previously held the record of 3 straight games.
  • AI Scored 50 points during his rookie year, which at that time made him the 2nd youngest player to reach the feat. 
  • Averaged 29.7 PPG in the Playoffs over his career.
  • 2000-01 MVP 
  • 11 All-Star selections.
  • 2 All-Star MVP’s.
  • 3x All NBA First Team.
  • 3x All NBA Second Team.
  • 1996 Rookie of the Year
  • 4 scoring titles.

Enough chat, let's let the film do the rest of the talking. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best moments of the amazing career of Allen Iverson aka "The Answer."

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