Backcourt Diaries VI: Quarantine

Backcourt Diaries


Just when the NBA season was getting juicy, the world had to get put permanently on pause. Now, of course, we are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. People's lives are in danger and the whole thing is just absolutely insane. If anything, it's made us realize just how truly special sports are. They hold a special place in all of our hearts. Something, that is often too difficult to accurately explain. 

If you're just joining us for your first "Backcourt Diaries experience," first of all let us say welcome. This is a good old fashioned vent space. Somewhere in which we like to pour out every possible basketball-related thought we've accumulated over a period of time, and hope that it brings some laughter in your life. Odds will. 

Let us begin.

  • Today marks the day in which the 2020 NBA Playoffs were officially supposed to begin. That sentence felt even difficult to write out. This was supposed to be one of the most exciting seasons in NBA history. It seemed as if this year, each round of the playoffs was going to have more storylines compared to the normal year.
  • Think about that realization for a second. Giannis going for his first title with the Milwaukee Bucks. Lebron fighting to bring a championship to LA. Luka Doncic with his first taste of NBA Playoff basketball. Jayson Tatum and the surging Celtics on a revenge tour after an early exit last year. Toronto out to prove that they can defend their title. We can go on and on...
  • Do we think that Patrick Beverly is still working out in Timberlands?
  • The amount of Draft content I have watched during the quarantine is psychotic. I'm talking Hannibal Lecter levels.
  • Speaking of Draft content, this NBA Draft class is a bit terrifying. Imagine the first introduction nightmare by Freddy wake up still alive, but now you're starting to realize the fear that lies ahead.
  • YouTube is now my second home. I fear that one day during this quarantine, I will finish YouTube when it comes to basketball content.
  • If you haven't stumbled across it yet, the Dream Team Olympic Games on YouTube is the definition of the electric factory. There's no commentary, which makes it that much more fantastic. It's also amazing when you realize you've watched 5 minutes of the game and Team USA just went on a 20-2 run for the 3rd time (might not be an exaggeration). 

  • No, I don't believe the NBA season will be finished. I hope more than anyone I am wrong. 
  • I wonder if Brad Stevens and Gregg Popovich just call and talk about plays. Is there a secret language they use? Is it like Morse Code? 
  • It would have been enjoyable to see what version of Paul George was going to show up in the playoffs. I am starting to believe that PG13 is one more shoulder injury away from requiring to become an actual robot. Like Terminator status. Kawhi would probably know a good robot connection. Thanks, I'm here all day.
  • What's the over/under for how many times Rudy Gobert has tried to talk to Donovan Mitchell since all of this started. I feel like Vegas might have it a 2.5. 
  • By the time you finished reading this sentence, 6 more College Basketball players have transferred. 
  • Can we please just allow high schoolers to enter into the NBA Draft? I get the principal of the idea that Jalen Green and Isaiah Todd are pursuing...but it's time. 
  • The number of NBA debates on social media going on these days is ridiculous. A text I just received "Larry Bird or Kevin Durant." 
  • If you didn't get a chance to watch the ESPN HORSE Challenge the last two weeks...I am extremely jealous of you.
  • The best part of the HORSE Challenge was the players using ladders to create the appropriate "camera angle." 
  • Also another "highlight" of HORSE Challenge, the No-Dunking rule in which Zach LaVine did everything that involves a dunk except for grabbing the rim. It was amazing. 
  • What if all of this downtime gives the Philadelphia 76ers the chance to re-group and, hypothetically, the playoffs happen and the Sixers make a cinderella run. 
  • Nope, not believing in that one? Yeah, me neither...

Thank you all for your time. Stay safe out there and watch as much basketball as humanly possible. Please also don't get too riled up when it comes to Basketball Debates. We highly recommend NOT trying to create your personal Top 20 best players ever. It just usually results in a lot of anger from other parties.