The Backcourt Diaries Vol.1

Take a seat, count to 10. Listen to our thoughts.

These will be quick bullet points. Think of it as you're listening to us vent about some of the biggest basketball questions we have going today.

Therapist (Played by Brian Cardinal): "Please, take a seat over there on the couch."

***Sits down, gets comfortable before taking a long exhale before waving his arms up like he didn't just receive a foul call for the 8th time in the first half of a playoff game.***

BC: "What's the issue today?"

The Vent

Do the Boston Celtics need to make a trade?

Do we realize how good the Nuggets are going to be at full strength? No, but seriously do we?

Why wasn't Jimmy Chitwood (Hoosiers) drafted? Didn't he shoot like 80% from the field for half of a season?

What would have happened in "The 6th Man" if the Washington Huskies had to go under investigation? Was RC a legit enough reporter to get that story to tear down a program?

Image result for rC the sixth man

Why do I keep trying to talk myself into a Frank Ntilkina for DSJ swap?

Speaking of the Knicks, is Porzingis going to walk next year?

Is Mookie Blaylock the best point guard NAME of all time?

Why is NO ONE talking about John Collins this year?

If Kobe ruined Jayson Tatum but makes Giannis Kobe still beating the Celtics?

Nikola Jokic makes me laugh once every game with something that he does. Shouldn't that be an MVP requirement?

What is Bob Sura up to these days?

Image result for bob sura warriors

If he was playing today would Worm from Coach Carter be a 1st round pick because of his 3 and D ability?

No one is really going to not take Zion # 1 right? Like no Front Office is going to be THAT crazy? Right? RIGHT?

I LOVE Zion, but the average basketball fan needs to pay some love to Ja Morant.

Marcus Morris is going to be Scrooge this offseason diving into the Gold Pool of money if he continues this type of production.

Scrooge Mcduck Swimming GIF

I REALLY wish the All-Star game would go back to using the specific team jerseys (AKA OAKLAND ALL-STAR GAME)

How amazing is it that Sam Cassell was traded SEVEN times.

This draft is going to be a lot deeper than people realize.

I can't wait for my favorite tradition of "next years draft class isn't that good" comment to happen. It never fails to make me laugh.

I wonder if this is Pop's final year with the Spurs. Can you imagine who has to replace him next year? Have fun.

Speaking of the Spurs, I wonder what Tim Duncan does for fun these days...

Does anyone realize how good/ how much fun Tennessee is in College Basketball? 

Why don't we give more love to Admiral Schofield and Grant Williams for Draft Season...(Don't threaten me with a good time)


Brian Cardinal- "Well would you look at that....time's up."