Backcourt Diaries Vol.V : Opening Day

Backcourt Diaries

It’s Opening Day of the NBA season. I sit here with a grin that would make the Grinch and the Joker proud. Pure anarchy lays ahead of us. Trade Rumors, Woj/Sham bombs, Paul Pierce NBA Countdown hot takes that send social media into a tirade...take it all in folks, today is a day that gives Christmas morning a run for it’s money. 

It’s a day filled with promise. Will your rookies develop quicker than expected? Who is going to be this years surprise team? Who is going to be “the guy” in the NBA this year? Is this the year where Steph starts shooting from beyond halfcourt? There’s so many exciting thoughts on the mind of all of us heading into the new season. Take a journey with me and let me tell you what madness I have running through my head as the year takes off.


  • How terrible of timing could the Zion Williamson injury be? Zion is like a massive tease. We get insane clips like him catching a godly alley-oop in practice, or watching him absolutely dominate preseason...then we reportedly have to wait 6-8 weeks to see him play a “real” game. What a buzzkill. 
  • I still cannot get a number of “super sleeper” teams out of my head. Those teams? The Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. I am NOT expecting the Knicks to make the playoffs...but what no, stop it it’s too soon for that.
  • John Collins will be an All-Star this year. It’s happening. Say it with me.
  • Is Vegas even taking bets for Luka NOT to make the All-Star team? We all just are in agreement that it’s going to happen right? Does he already have 10,000 votes?
  • De’Aaron Fox is going to have a MASSIVE year.
  • I cannot believe that Buddy Hield flashed the “$ symbol” to his GM and then got a MAX extension later that week. What’s next? Is someone going to just bring a human sized blank check out during player introductions? (Wait that would be amazing actually).
  • I love the Spurs giving Dejounte Murray an extension.
  • I love how many people are bagging on Danny Ainge and the Celtics giving Jaylen Brown that contract. It’s going to be exciting to see what Jaylen can do now. (It’s also amazing that fact that this is the first rookie contract extension Ainge has given since 2009...that’s INSANE).
  • Why are so many people sleeping on the Denver Nuggets. Interesting stat I heard the other day is Head Coach Mike Malone has increased his win total each and every year. Does it happen again?
  • Are the Phoenix Suns going to have a big win boost this year? Could they mak....just kidding.
  • Luka and Porzingis. That’s it. That’s the entire sentence.
  • I wonder if the Portland Trail Blazers bench can be consistent. 
  • Kemba Walker is going to have a MASSIVE year...and I don’t think it’s going to be just in the PPG column.
  • I’ve secretly wanted a team to try and bring back the oldschool mentality of two imposing bigs. The Indiana Pacers with Sabonis and Turner in the starting 5 are living out my dream. Please work. Make Bigman Duos Great Again.
  • Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter are going to be very enjoyable to watch grow this year...especially with Mr Coby White.
  • We need to appreciate how perfect the combination of Knicks fans and Julius Randle is going to be. 
  • I still cannot understand how Giannis is about to get BETTER. Lord help us all.
  • How awesome is it that the NBA is having a retro jersey movement (Utah, Cleveland, Toronto). NBATwitter has suggested that teams should just all bring back 90s uniforms and it’s honestly one of the top 5 ideas of all-time. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. 
  • I think Jared Dudley is a darkhorse candidate to lead the league in Technical Fouls.
  • Did anyone see Kyrie throw an ally oop the other day off of the top right of the backboard? I’m not kidding he threw it from the three point line. “I’m not even mad...that’s amazing”
  • Is Mattisse Thybulle going to average 4.0 steals per game off of the bench this year? Just kidding but seriously…
  • Carsen Edwards might become the next Lou Williams. You get my point.
  • Very excited to see the development of Deandre Ayton in year two. 
  • The Terry Rozier experiement in Charlotte is going to be glorious.
  • Why do I keep seeing these expert predictions saying that Clippers aren’t going to play Montrezl Harrell major minutes? Did they forget he exists?
  • I might yell “shoot it” at the TV every time Ben Simmons has the ball and passes halfcourt. Not making fun of him, I just want Ben to take the next leap in his development. 
  • Why aren’t more people excited to see year two of Marvin Bagley III. Let the beast run wild.


With that I leave you all to the rest of your day. Congratulations to all and to all a good and successful NBA season.