Basketball Games Are Being Played Today

NBA Scrimmages

Believe it NBA fans, we have basketball back in our lives today. Although the "Official" NBA season won't resume for another 8 days, today is the first time in which live NBA action will be taking place since March 11th. It's a monumental stepping stone for the sport of basketball returning to our lives at a full-time basis. It's truly is incredible realizing the job that commissioner Adam Silver and all of the forces at the NBA have done in making the "NBA Bubble" work so effectively. 

In case you missed it in the news recently, the bubble is working so far. In a recent test of 346 NBA players currently in Disney World, zero tests came back positive for the coronaviurs.

While the rest the world might still be a bit chaotic when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus, it's more than impressive to see the job that Silver and the NBA have done creating the best possible environment to keep players safe. The fact that we find ourselves almost a week away from meaningful NBA games is just flat out awesome. But the fact that there's real belief now that this is going to work...that this NBA season is going to finish and we are going to be able to have the Playoffs happen, is a realization that didn't seem possible months ago. 

There's been a lot of questions floating around the internet about if the games will be televised. The answer is yes*. If you have NBATV and/or NBA League Pass you will be fine. But if not, you're going to have to get creative. For those that are choosing to watch the games on NBATV, just a fair warning that not all of the games will be televised throughout the day. It does look like NBATV will re-air some of the other games as a "tape-delay." 

While it's exciting to see the NBA game back in our lives, pump the breaks on the expectations for these scrimmages. An earlier report this week announced that the NBA is going to have 10 minute quarters during the scrimmages instead of the normal 12 minutes. It would shock me to see some of the veteran players get a lot of extended run during these scrimmages as well. Some players might want additional run in order to knock off some of the rust...but remember that most of these teams are trying to be as healthy and prepared for a deep playoff run as possible.