Buddy Get's Paid

Buddy Hield


Earlier this week Buddy Hield made the news for a number of reasons. The first was Hield expressing his disapproval of numerous contract proposals from the Sacramento Kings Front Office. Hield was blunt with his opinion, stating "Name one big free agent who came to Sacramento." 

Later in the week, Hield flashed the "$" sign towards General Manager Vlade Divac during a Sacramento Kings open practice as you can see below. 

It looked like a potential contract dispute that was going to linger throughout the upcoming NBA season for the Sacramento Kings franchise, with Hield expected to become a Free Agent at the end of the season. But that was until we got a beautiful notification today in the form of a Woj Bomb. 

 Buddy Hield Extension

It's a massive get for Hield and in the end, Sacramento Kings fans should be thrilled about the idea of a backcourt involving De'Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield moving forward for the foreseeable future. Hield has continued to grow with his game each and every year and has earned a reputation around the league as a threat from downtown. If Buddy can continue to develop his offensive arsenal, notably scoring off of the bounce, his game will continue to trend upward.