Semi Ojeleye can do more push-ups than you.
One of the more interesting prospects in this year's draft is the talented forward from SMU, Semi Ojeleye. If you haven’t heard of Ojeleye, it’s okay, that’s what I’m here for.
Bam likes to dunk...a lot.
In the previous installments of FILM ROOM, the focus has been on lottery-bound prospects. Now we dive into some of the picks that potentially will be in the second half of the 1st round.
A favorite for #1 overall...and he deserves it.
In this installation of FILM ROOM, we will be looking at one of the hottest names in all of college basketball.
The shot is a question, but the rare talent isn't.
Some of the Point Guards coming out in this years NBA draft have been opening eyes all across the country. It wasn’t until the other day I got my first glimpse at Lonzo Ball and I was beyond impressed.
You can't teach speed the Fox has
In this installment of FILM ROOM, we look at the other talented part of the Kentucky backcourt. De’Aaron Fox was one of the most talented guards in the entire country this past season.
Jonathan Isaac has serious potential, but will his next team stress patience?
When it comes to all of the FILM ROOM segments that I have dived into, none had my curiosity as much as Jonathan Isaac. I hadn’t watched too much film on Isaac compared to some of the others. So I wanted to dive into multiple games.
Monk is a bucket getter
Whenever a freshman is making serious buzz from Kentucky, you make sure to pay close attention.
OG has serious appeal in the second half of the 1st round
At 6’8 235 pounds, with a 7’6 wingspan, Anunoby will stand out as one of the bigger and longer forwards to come out in this draft.
Josh Jackson's stock is climbing in a hurry
Josh Jackson is a freakishly talented wing that played one season at the University of Kansas this past season. Many draft “experts” expect Jackson to be the first non-point guard taken next month.
Hello, My name is Jayson. I hope you enjoy the show
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Jayson Tatum.