After an impressive Game 1 victory by Toronto, it looks like the Sixers received their wake up call loud and clear.
The Refs will be the story...but we know this series is going to be worth the hype.
A shocker in the East as the Boston Celtics took care of business on the Road against the number 1 seed Milwaukee Bucks.
Our first game 7 of the NBA Playoffs and it came down to the wire.
Looking at Game 1 of the Second Round series between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Toronto Raptors
The Golden State Warriors clinched a series win against the Los Angeles Clippers, moving them onto the 2nd round in a juicy match-up...
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Look's like we got ourselves a Game 7 to get ready for in the Western Conference.
g5 dubs
Not so fast boys and girls...looks like we got ourselves a Game 6 to get ready for.
Houston is moving on and will await the winner of the Clippers/Warriors series.
One of the most memorable games of this years NBA Playoffs so far came down to the wire and Damian Lillard was ready to make headlines.