I See You: Rui Hachimura

Rui Hachimura

While some people are too busy focusing on the nightly itinerary of Lebron James, we like to educate you on some individuals around the basketball world that are performing at a high level. It's the way things should be, you should be fascinated and surprised to realize new and important information involving an orange ball.

But let's get serious for a moment. This is the first of many "I See You" articles, in which we will be shining on players that might not get the national spotlight, but they have caught our attention with their promising play as of late. Right now, we're taking a look at Washington Wizards rookie Rui Hachimura.

Now you might not know a lot about Hachimura and that's okay. He's still incredibly young for a rookie draft selection that specifically spent three years in college. Hachimura won't turn 22 years old until February, and it seems as if he's starting to show some serious signs of early progression in his young career. I'll admit it, I thought Rui Hachimura was going to experience a lot of growing pains early in this NBA season. If you don't recall, Hachimura was brought along extremely slow under Mark Few. Hachimura originally is from Japan and began playing basketball at a later age, so Gonzaga did a fantastic job of not giving him more than he can handle. 

Fast forward to the NBA, and I expected there to be a similar slow transition period for Hachimura. The NBA is full of nightly knowledge that most people don't even think about. Deeper scouting reports, new playbooks, defensive set calls, frequent road trips, etc. Hachimura has transitioned smoothly so far and his play on the court is impressing as well. 

Hachimura has landed in the perfect situation. We all know what the story is when it comes to the Washington Wizards. This team is in a bit of a rebuild on the fly, as they are awaiting the return of the other star in their talented backcourt by the name of Mr. John Wall. Because of this, the Wizards are giving Hachimura something that most NBA teams hesitate to offer...immediate playing time. Hachimura has stepped up and with his performance on the court, the Wizards are trusting him to "grow on the run" when it comes to overall development. 

If you look below you'll get a good look at Hachimura's production so far this year. What's caught my attention as of late when it comes to Hachimura, has been his play this month specifically. In Hachimura's last 3 games, he's averaging 24.0 PTS, 7.3 REB, and is shooting 56.6% from the field. The season is young, and it's unlikely that Hachimura can keep up that type of production on a consistent basis so early in his career, but if you're a Wizards fan you have to be excited about the future.