The NBA (Draft) Keeps Playing With My Emotions

The NBA (Draft) Keeps Playing With My Emotions
Playing with the Draft, is like playing with my Emotions...

If you obsess over the NBA Draft as I do, odds are that you have a shot clock hanging in your house that is counting down the days until Draft Day...No? Just me? Alright glad we are on the same page. The NBA Draft is a wonderful time for all. It's often debated as being a better holiday than Christmas. But we aren't just only talking about the actual draft day here ladies and gentlemen. We are talking about the anticipation towards Draft Day. 

Currently, I truly feel like Big Worm in Friday. See, this is how it's supposed to work out with "Draft Season." The NBA gives us a specific date, and we all get to spend the next several months counting down the days and discussing heated topics every day until that countdown gets to around 10 days remaining. These topics vary, including Aleksej Pokusevski's Age, to videos of individual workouts of James Wiseman dunking on a 6'2 white guy, etc. The fact is, we want order and we need to be able to plan out the months and weeks ahead of ourselves.

Well, the NBA apparently doesn't understand that, because they continue to move the draft to a later date...

Now look, I get it...the NBA and NBPA are saying this is a necessary move in order to give the league more additional time to negotiate a potential new CBA and all of that fun stuff. It all makes sense, but I personally need the NBA to sign in blood for this. This will be the second time that the league has announced they will delay the NBA Draft. Imagine telling a kid that Christmas keeps getting pushed back another month. Does the term "Cruel and unusual punishment" mean anything to you? Most of you are probably wondering when we are going to officially announce our Big Board and open up the gates of hell, or as some of you might call it..."Publish a Mock Draft." The truth is...we are ready to rock, but with the Draft being postponed frequently...well let's just say be patient friends. 

But it's okay, this gives us more time to make some fun things around here. This gives more time to slip into a dark dimension that is NBA Draft Film. Fire up the tapes Draft Fantatics, it's time to keep studying.