A Monster is Awakening in Utah

Utah Jazz


That's pretty much the main word you or anyone talking about basketball should use in order to describe the offseason that the Utah Jazz organization had this Summer. I'll buy all of the Utah Jazz stock that you are selling, and if you're selling it I would ask you...why? Need some convincing? I thought you'd never ask.

This Utah Jazz is built to perfection to complement the identity of the team that they have developed over the recent years. Each addition they made this Summer was perfect for them moving forward. Utah Jazz fans, you have all of the reasons to possess the utmost confidence in your team heading into the 2019-20 season. Let's review the reasons why.

Mike Conley Will Be On The Warpath

Mike Conley

The acquisition of Mike Conley by the Utah Jazz is something that fans of the NBA, in general, were dreaming of. Even if you root against the Jazz, you have to admit it's a match made in heaven. Throughout Conley's career, he's been one of the most underrated point guards in the league. Conley knows it, and that's the way he plays. Like a flat out underdog and what better match than the smashmouth tough team of Utah. Pairing Mike Conley in the backcourt with Donovan Mitchell is going to make the Jazz extremely high on the NBA League Pass rankings this year. With all due respects to Sir Ricky Rubio, the Utah Jazz just traded in an SUV for a Ferrari. 

Buy Your Tickets To The Donovan Mitchell Revenge Tour

Donovan Mitchell

I cannot express how excited I am for this storyline. I also cannot express how disappointed I am by other media outlets that NO ONE has mentioned this at all this summer. After a disappointing playoff performance in the series against the Houston Rockets, I truly believe that Donovan Mitchell is going to be on the warpath this year. I am here for it. Feed me all that you can. Mitchell has fallen into the backgrounds of talk when it comes to elite rising talent in the NBA, and he will be motivated to get the attention again. Pairing Mitchell with Mike Conley should only make his game blossom further. 

Bojan Bogdanovic...The Underrated Signing of Free Agency

If not for Mike Conley, this might have been the best move the Utah Jazz made this offseason. Even a bigger kicker? They got them both. Bojan is like that terrifying monster that you try not to talk about to the public because you don't want to spread the fear to others. We can think of him as Freddy Kruger if that's your kind of thing. Bogdanović is just the boost that this Utah Jazz team needed to their offense. He's a capable bucket getter against just about anyone. Don't believe us? Go check Bojan's numbers last year for Indiana after Victor Oladipo went down with his injury. You know what, fine we will do it for you. Check these out. These are Bojan's stats Post All-Star Break (Oladipo was injured in January).

Bojan Bogdanović PTS REB AST FG% 3P%
Post All-Star Break 20.9 4.4 2.5 50.1% 42.2%

Rudy Gobert Playing for The SuperMax

Rudy Gobert

We are at an era in which we HAVE to talk about this folks. After making an All-NBA team this previous year, and winning Defensive Player of the Year, Gobert can qualify for the Supermax if he makes an All-NBA team in the upcoming season. It's a huge deal...no pun intended. Gobert has been the backbone of this Utah Jazz team, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I am a big believer in players having career years when they know the money is on the line and it makes sense. This Jazz team can flourish if Gobert takes another step forward with his play. 

Depth Is A Beautiful Asset

Utah has one of the best Front Offices in the entire league and they showcased their ability to build a roster this summer. After adding Mike Conley via trade and Bojan Bogdanović in Free Agency, the Jazz Front Office went to work. Key veteran role players such as Jeff Green, Ed Davis, and Emmanuel Mudiay were brought in to add some depth for this Utah team. All should carve out nice roles off of the bench for the Jazz moving forward. Don't be surprised to see undersized rookie guard Justin Wright-Foreman carve out a role early in his career as well. Wright-Foreman will likely spend plenty of time getting some seasoning in the G-League this year, but he has the potential to be a microwave scoring punch off of the bench. Royce O'Neale returning for Utah was an underrated storyline, and Utah will welcome his gritty mentality on the defensive side of the ball. 

Mike Conley Donovan Mitchell Joe Ingles Bojan Bogdanović Rudy Gobert
Dante Exum Emmanuel Mudiay Royce O'Neale Jeff Green Ed Davis
Justin Wright-Foreman Miye Oni   Georges Niang Tony Bradley
      Jarrell Brantley  


Utah is going to have one of the more complete and exciting teams that this team has had in a long time. As with most contenders, they will need to avoid the injury bug and have key bench players step up throughout the year, but this Utah Jazz team is going to be a joy to track throughout this NBA season.

Buy Donovan Mitchell stock while you still can.