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Los Angeles Lakers

With the madness that has taken place before and during this Summer of the NBA Offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers finally landed their prize possession in Anthony Davis. Yes, Lakers fans deserve to be as excited as humanly possible and we will dive into why later...The sky is the limit for this roster for the 2019-20 NBA season, but the key component to the Lakers success will be a clean bill of health. 

Anthony Davis is THAT good

Anthony Davis

  • Yes Lakers fans, the “Brow” is “that good.” You have every reason to be foaming at the mouth for the NBA season to begin. You could even argue that Anthony Davis is the best player in the NBA if he were to have a clean bill of health throughout his career but more on that later. Davis is an absolute monster all over the floor. He possesses an elite offensive ability and can hurt you in a variety of ways with the ball in his hands. In fact, over the last 6 years of his 7-year career, Davis has averaged 20+ PPG, 10+ REB, and 2.0+ BLK.

20.8 10.0 2.8 51.9%
24.4 10.2 2.9 53.5%
24.3 10.3 2.0 49.3%
28.0 11.8 2.2 50.5%
28.1 11.1 2.6 53.4%
25.9 12.0 2.4 51.7%

But…A Fair Warning

  • There’s a reason why all of us aren’t saying Anthony Davis is the hands-down clear best player in the NBA every year. Trust me, it’s not just because of his now teammate Lebron James. When Anthony Davis is rolling he is ROLLING. In 2018 over a span of 4 games, The Brow was averaging 42.3 points and 14.8 rebounds, including a game against Miami in which Davis posted 47 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 blocks. 

  • BUT a word of extreme caution, The “Brow” has struggled to maintain his health over his career. It’s one of the famous “genie” wishes by NBA fans…”I wish Anthony Davis could stay healthy for an entire season.” If you look at his games played over the course of his career (yes we will ignore last year), Davis has missed a lot of notable time recovering from injury. If Davis suffers another setback this year with the Lakers...does that create problems for Lebron and company?

Games Played

Lebron Revenge Tour

Lebron James

  • Fine, I’ll buy into it. Although the man is single-handedly ruining Taco Tuesday (kidding Lakers fans calm down…) Lebron SHOULD be motivated to prove he’s top dog once again. After missing the playoffs for the first time in 100 years it seemed like, Lebron should have enjoyed a long offseason of motivation to get back to the promise land. After a nightmare season, it looks as if the roster is ready to roll and the contributing pieces should fit better for the King this year. 

The Return Of Dwight

  • Just when we thought the NBA offseason couldn't get any better...the Lakers decided to bring home the prodigal son. After the buzzkill injury to Demarcus Cousins, the Lakers were forced to skim through the dry big man market for some reinforcements. It's no secret that Howard has had a shaky history as of recent throughout the NBA, but there's no denying the talent. Howard is on the decline in his career, but if he can buy into the Lakers system with a mature approach to the situation, the fit could work. 

Role Players...Upgraded

  • It's an intriguing look for the Lakers roster compared to last year. In my opinion, there's some more stability across the board. Newcomers Danny Green and Avery Bradley should provide some nice "toughness" on the wing from the off-guard position. Quinn Cook should be a sneaky nice depth add for this rotation as a ball handler. There's plenty of players that have been added to the puzzle that should at least provide the right mindset for the this Lakers locker room this year. Jared Dudley won't put up huge numbers, but he will make an impact with his mentality. 

Lebron James Danny Green Kyle Kuzma Anthony Davis Dwight Howard
Rajon Rondo Avery Bradley Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Jared Dudley JaVale McGee
Quinn Cook Alex Caruso Troy Daniels Kostas Antetokounmpo  
  Zach Norvell Jr Talen Horton-Tucker    


  • The hype machine will be on overload this year for this Los Angeles Lakers team and it deserves to be so. The key factor throughout the season will be this teams health. If Lebron and Anthony Davis can keep themselves off of the injured list, this team should be a complete monster. But history has shown that it's been difficult to keep Davis in particular on the court for the majority of the season. If this Lakers team can get consistent impact from some of their veteran additions as well, they could find themselves with a surprising amount of depth.