Recap: Nuggets vs Clippers (Game 7)

Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Clippers, Game 7
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Denver Nuggets



Los Angeles Clippers

After having an "out-of-body" experience in the first round against the Utah Jazz, Murray hadn't "exploded" with his offensive production in a game for the Nuggets like usual. What better time to come alive than in Game 7 with a ticket to the Western Conference Finals on the line. Murray was sensational, finishing the game with 40 points on 15 of 26 shooting (57.7%). Murray would also pitch in 4 rebounds and 5 assists for the Nuggets.


It's been no secret that Nikola Jokic has been a dominant force in this series against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Joker put the bow on top of his entire series with his performance in Game 7. Jokic would finish with 16 points, 22 rebounds, 13 assists, 2 steals, and 3 blocks while only taking 13 shots from the field. 


The basketball world anxiously awaited what performance we would get from the two Los Angeles Clippers stars and NO ONE SAW THIS COMING. It was unbelievable, an epic collapse in NBA Playoff history. The Clippers would get outscored 50 to 33 in the second half alone, and it wasn't until 4 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter in which the Clippers finally scored a point. This was one of those games where friends you haven't spoken to in 5+ years text you and go "Are you watching this?!" Paul George would finish with 10 points on 4 of 16 shooting (25%) as well as 4 rebounds and 2 assists in 38 minutes. Kawhi Leonard would finish with 14 points on 6 of 22 shooting (27.3%), as well as 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 43 minutes. 

What Did We Learn

What an incredible collapse by the Los Angeles Clippers who were one win away with 3 games left in order to face the Lakers in the WCF. Incredible performance (again) from the Nuggets who are rolling at the right time.

Denver NuggetsNUGGETS WIN SERIES 4-3