Pre-Draft Stats

19.1 5.2 2.8 1.3 0.6 40.2 29.4 77.2 47.3 20.8
Sales Pitch
A physical wing with intriguing offensive firepower and untapped potential defensively.
Originally set to be in the 2020 High School class, Anthony Edwards shocked the basketball world with his decision to reclassify and join the 2019 class. Edwards would immediately become a Top 5 ranked player in the class and showed plenty of intriguing potential during his one and only year at the University of Georgia. Edwards jumps out immediately, with his combination of strength and elite athleticism. The tools are all there, now can an NBA team unlock the treasure chest of talent that can make Anthony Edwards a future star in the NBA? That will be the million-dollar question. The Georgia Bulldogs struggled this year and some might argue that the supporting talent was lacking. Still, there's plenty of games in which Edwards looks like the real deal and his production, as one of the younger freshman in college basketball, is promising. Anthony Edwards is trending towards being the 1st overall selection in this year's draft.
Pro Comparison
Body building version of Victor Oladipo


  • An absolute freight train when attacking the basket. Can get downhill and take on contact like the Juggernaut. Good finishing ability around the basket with both hands. Shifty in space and can create a window off the bounce. He has a promising dribble package in his arsenal that he uses frequently in isolation situations with a number of advanced counters. Ability to get hot and stay there in a hurry (See vs MSU 11/26). 


  • Elite combination of athleticism and explosiveness. Not afraid to play above the rim and attack with bad intentions. Ranked highest (81st percentile) in Transition offense during his only year at Georgia (via Synergy). Additional spacing in the NBA game could do wonders for him and his offensive potential.


  • Shows flashes of serious potential to be a demon on the defensive side of the ball due to his size, quickness, and length. Will need coaching staff to unlock the consistency, but all of the tools for him to become a monster on the defensive side of the ball are there. 


  • Didn't display the ability to become a consistent threat from outside during the year. Shot 29.4% from 3. Can make the deep ball, but very streaky. Shot selection will leave you puzzled at times, due to his lack of awareness against potential mismatches. Likes to settle for jumpers. Would like to see him have a bit of a bulldog mentality and use his combination of frame and strength when it came to attacking the rim.


  • He has games where he seems like he's going through the motions. But also has games where he's a monster all over the place. Is he a competitor or does he switch off? Can lose focus on the defensive side of the ball as well. But when he's locked in...potential is oozing. 


  • Didn't display an ability to become a consistent playmaker while at Georgia. Could thrive in the right system, especially if he's not asked to carry the load immediately. 
Teams are going to continue to nitpick Edwards season at Georgia but you have to remind yourself that he's technically a year behind everyone in terms of development. Edwards, in theory, was supposed to be a high school senior this year, and still went on to average just south of 20 points per game for the Bulldogs. The combination of size and athleticism makes Anthony Edwards a mouth-watering prospect for NBA organizations, especially if a team believes they can unlock his full potential. The tools are all there, but teams will need to do their homework on the mentality that Edwards has when it comes to potential development. As of now, Edwards is our favorite to be the number one selection in the NBA draft, based on the fact that he's our best player available. Some might prefer an alternate route, but at the end of the day, Anthony Edwards looks to have one of the highest ceilings in this year's Draft class.

Atlanta, GA
United States

Draft Selection
Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves
With the Minnesota Timberwolves winning the NBA Draft Lottery, should Anthony Edwards be at the head of the "pack" to take his talents to Minnesota?
Anthony Edwards
A preseason candidate to be in the mix for the number one selection, Georgia freshman Anthony Edwards is starting to heat up for the Bulldogs.