Pre-Draft Stats

16.9 8.6 1.9 1.2 3.1 68.7 26.7 69.4 69.3 37.2
Sales Pitch
Intelligent swiss-army knife defender who possesses elite shot blocking ability and a developing offensive game.
If you didn't get a chance to pay close attention to the Gonzaga Bulldogs this year, then you might have missed the overall impact that Junior big man Brandon Clarke had. You could argue that Clarke was the most impressive player on the Gonzaga team, which includes fellow lottery bound hopeful Rui Hachimura. Brandon originally spent the beginning of his career playing at San Jose State, where he averaged 17.3 PTS, 8.7 REB, and 2.6 BLK before transferring to Gonzaga. Clarke is a superb athlete who buys into whatever makes the "team" better and makes his calling on the defensive side of the ball.
Pro Comparison
Kenyon Martin with Paul Millsap sprinkled in


  • One of the more impressive shot blockers in recent draft history. Clarke does a great job of using both hands to block shots. Intelligent to when to go for attempts as well. Quick leaper who does a fantastic job of timing his jumps and attacking the ball at its highest point. Does a great job of going straight up on blocks and meeting opponents at the rim. Powerful blocker, who won't shy away from a poster attempt. 


  • Makes up for his less than ideal size for a big with incredible athleticism. Recorded a 40.5" vertical leap at the NBA Combine in Chicago. Does a great job of getting out and running in transition and shows soft hands as a lob threat. Runs the floor like a wing. Impressive 2nd and 3rd jump, which helps him with hustle plays and shot blocking attempts.


  • Hustle player who never takes a possession off. A monster on the offensive boards. Team first player who makes the small plays in order to make a team thrive. Will play the game like a veteran as a rookie. Should be an elite defensive weapon with his ability to switch and defend multiple positions due to his impressive agility. 


  • Plays the game as a center but has the size of a modern-day small forward. Will need to develop his deep ball if he wants to create mismatches for his next team. Whatever team drafts him will need to be comfortable with him going against bigger and stronger defenders. 


  • Has shown a much improved outside shot over the years but it will need to continue to develop if he wants to become an all-around threat on the offensive end. Could turn into a Paul Milsap type of player with elite defensive ability. 


  • Going to be a debate that could find Clarke slipping further than he deserves in the first round. Clarke fits the classic role of a tweener, but is a team going to be comfortable with playing him as a small ball 5? 
Brandon Clarke was one of the most impressive players in last years college basketball season. For all of you analytic fans out there, you might have noticed that Zion Williamson put up some unheard of advanced statistics this year. Well, Brandon Clarke was a close second or better in a number of those same categories. Clarke will have some doubters in the draft class, there's no denying that. His production, especially on the defensive side of the ball, is off the charts but NBA personnel will be turned away by his less than ideal height for a shot blocker. Clarke will also be 23 years old when he's a rookie. If an organization can get past those two doubts, Clarke has the potential to be a very nice piece to the puzzle for an NBA franchise.


Draft Selection
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke put up some insane numbers for Gonzaga this year and I guarantee you that you won't believe some of them.