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13.5 3.7 1.9 0.6 1.6 35.6 77.2 33.3 45.9 13.6
Sales Pitch
Oozing with star potential and passes the eye test with ease. Inconsistent production but best basketball has yet to be found.
If you were to build the prototypical scoring small forward in the league today, he'd probably look very similar to Cam Reddish. The Freshman Duke Blue Devil is oozing with potential and shows the raw potential of becoming a dominant scorer at the next level. Reddish had a down year for Duke, as most expected to see "bigger" things from the former number 3 overall recruit out of High School in the ESPN Top 100. While his numbers weren't promising at Duke, there are still moments throughout the year where Reddish looked the part. Reddish has the potential to become an elite player in the NBA. He possesses great size and measurements for his position and passes the eye test with relative ease. But can Reddish put everything together?
Pro Comparison
A Chef's mixture of Rashard Lewis, Jeff Green, and Rudy Gay


  • When he's cooking, Reddish is an elite offensive player. Tools are impressive for a player with his combination of height and length. Good high release on his shot. Can score from three levels. Shows the potential to become a weapon in catch and shoot situations. Promising ability to hurt defenses from deep, despite his rocky 3P%. Ball handling is vastly underrated, and when he's on he's tough for any defender to deal with. 


  • Reddish has the tools to become a valuable asset on the defensive side of the ball in the NBA. Long arms and good hands allow him to make opposing ball handlers uncomfortable. With some tweaks, especially to his footwork, he could blossom under the right coaching. 


  • Looks to have a great frame that should continue to add muscle and it could lead to huge improvements to his game. Will need to learn how to use his length better. Ability to shoot the ball with a high release, plus his size, makes him a dangerous threat. 




  • Has games where he looks like a Top 5 selection but they aren't as often as you'd like. Was the "3rd option" at Duke, and was fine with that role. Is that a mindset or was he willing to sacrifice? His numbers across the board leave you wanting more, but some could argue that was from trying to feed all of the mouths at Duke (RJ, Zion). 


  • Struggles to be strong with the ball. Lower body balance needs some work. Could improve with weight room, but it's a problem. Doesn't seek out contact, especially off the dribble or around the basket. Seems to shy away from it. 


  • Inconsistent "effort" on both sides of the ball at times. Will have a "killer" mentality on offense (see Florida State game) and then settle for shots other times. Seems too casual at times. Needs to do the dirty lunch-pail work to get tough buckets. Would like to see him finish better around the basket. 
Some will say that Reddish had a disappointing year at Duke, yet he's still projected to be a Top 5-10 pick regardless. That just goes to show you how incredibly impressive the tools can be. The problem is the inconsistent production. Reddish will have games where he looks like an extremely raw player and then he will have games where he looks like a Top 3 pick. Unfortunately, it usually leans toward the "raw" player more than the "Top 3." Intel will be crucial for an organization that wants to invest in Reddish. If someone can get him to have all engines firing on a consistent basis, he could be a superstar. If you need an example of how good Reddish can be, his film at Florida State and at North Carolina should be your best friend.

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