Pre-Draft Stats

16.1 3.5 4.1 1.1 0.3 42.3 35.2 80.0 51.6 19.2
Sales Pitch
Lightning quick ball handler that knows how to fill up the scoring column in a hurry.
Coby White wasn't on a lot of draft radars heading into his Freshman year at North Carolina. But once the first year ball handler was averaging north of 20 points per game for the Tar Heels, everyone started to take notice in a hurry. In a year where NBA Personnel were flocking to North Carolina practices and games to their eyes on highly touted recruit Nassir Little, they started to realize that Coby White was the real deal. White is going to be one of the most explosive ball handlers in this class in terms of offensive firepower. A speed demon on the court, White has the potential to turn into an offensive weapon for his next team. Coby White was ranked 23rd out of High School in the ESPN100.
Pro Comparison
Mix of Jamaal Murray and Gilbert Arenas with Elite Hair


  • Quick release and ability to stretch the defense from deep. Effective spot up shooter. Good feel for the game. Can hurt you at 3 levels. Transition threat, who can pull-up at any moment. Shows potential coming off screens and handoffs.


  • Elite speed with and changes gears like he's driving a Ferrari. Does a great job of creating space off of the dribble. Possesses a very promising step back in his arsenal of moves. Quick release allows him to get shot up in a hurry. Great first step. Allows him to blow by defenders while soaring to the basket. Shifty with his hesitations.


  • High effort defender that looks as if he won't have many problems defending at the next level. Good combination of lateral quickness and off the ball ability.



  • White has shown multiple times that he has the ability to become a threat from outside, but can he become more consistent? Very quick release for a ball handler but his form is a little low. Will need to work on balance as well.


  • A very offensive minded ball-handler who finds himself forcing at times. Will need to let the game come to him at the next level. Can over dribble at times, especially when trying to create in the lane. Won't have as much immediate freedom at next level as he did under Roy Williams. Needs to gain trust.


  • Struggled with mechanics when shooting off of the bounce. Will notice that his shot is wildly inaccurate. Pull-up situations also need work. Needs to develop a floater. Elite explosiveness just needs to develop the rest of the arsenal to become a more complete guard.

There's a lot to love from Coby White's game in general. He's a blur in the open court and NBA teams are going to covet his quickness with the way the NBA game has transitioned. While White's 3P% doesn't stand out on paper for good reasons, he's shown plenty of promise that he can hurt opposing defenses from NBA range. White has takeover ability in games and can get hot and stay hot in a hurry. The next step in his development is going to be adding to his arsenal of moves, especially off the dribble. White needs to showcase an improved ability off of the dribble, especially in predraft workouts. As of now, White sits 7th on our board and he's a sure bet to end up in the Top 10 on draft night.

Goldsboro, NC
United States

NBA Team
Draft Selection
Coby White
Coby White splashed onto the College Basketball scene this year with his impressive play. While doing so, he's become one of the hottest names in NBA Draft Circles.