Pre-Draft Stats

7.7 4.1 1.7 0.6 0.5 51.4 33.6 52.0 58.7 14.6
Sales Pitch
A playmaking wizard who could become lethal if he can develop consistency with his outside shooting.
Since Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic was drafted as an international prospect, no overseas player has enjoyed more of a "hype-train" than Israel's Deni Avdija. It's for good reason as well, as Avdija jumps off of the screen with his lottery ticket winning potential as a modern NBA player. The 6'9" wing runs the floor with an intriguing combination of size and playmaking ability for his position. He's at his best when in transition, and projects to be an asset as a catch and shoot threat at the next level. Avdija's numbers won't jump off the screen to most, but it's important to remember that Deni was competing in the Euroleague, considered the 2nd best basketball league in the world. His second-half surge of the Euroleague season leaves some intriguing signs for NBA evaluators, as Avdija has worked and produced against some of the top international players.
Pro Comparison
Some Detlef Schrempf vibes. Maybe even a bigger Manu Ginobili in terms of playmaking and feel


  • An elite skill set for a player of his position. Has a fantastic awareness of how an offensive system is supposed to flow. He finds himself in the right place and has a fantastic understanding of what it means to move without the ball. A threat in transition, where he operates as a point-forward with fantastic vision and anticipation skills. 


  • One of the top prospects in this year's draft class when it comes to overall Basketball IQ. Avdija is consistently playing chess against opposing players. He does the small things that stand out and should translate effortlessly when it comes to the NBA game. Understands systems and necessary movements for the team to enjoy peek success. 


  • Intangibles stand out, especially when it comes to his overall understanding of his strengths. Knows best of how to utilize them. Strong feel for the game. If the rest of the tools can gel together, could become a gold mine for a potential NBA organization. 


  • Looks to have promising form but the results, unfortunately, suggest otherwise. Inconsistent shooting mechanics, with the combination of poor percentages from the line, leave some question marks. 


  • Lacks burst, especially when it's laterally on the defensive side of the ball. Shifty in open court, but lacks the blow-by speed in isolation opportunities. An NBA conditioning coach could do wonders for his development. 
Deni Avdija, formerly of Israel's powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv, will most likely take the crown of this year's "international man of mystery" but there is PLENTY to be excited about. There's a reason why he is the most hyped prospect since Luka Doncic, and it's well deserved. Avdija is a wizard with the ball in his hands. The fact that he finds himself at 6'9"? Yes, we would be lying if that's not a big contributor to his future outcome as an NBA player. Deni might have one of the "lowest" floors when it comes to prospects in this year's NBA Draft Class. His basketball IQ and ability to impact the game are skill sets that should translate smoothly, but can an NBA team unlock the full package? If they can, Avdija has the potential to become one of the best players in this year's class.

Beit Zera

Draft Selection
Deni Avdija
Deni Avdija of Maccabi Tel Aviv could turn out to be the best player in the 2020 NBA Draft Class.