Pre-Draft Stats

12.9 4.4 2.0 0.9 0.9 51.4 29.0 67.2 55.6 19.2
Sales Pitch
A defensive nightmare for opposing teams who could become a fantastic pro if his offensive game progresses.
If you paid close attention to Auburn basketball this year, it's not hard to understand how important freshman Isaac Okoro was to the team's overall success. While still incredibly raw on the offensive side of the ball, the 6'6" wing was a versatile demon on the defensive side of the ball. Okoro does a bit of everything on the floor and is no stranger to making winning players. Auburn struggled during the year when Isaac missed a number of games with an injury. Once Okoro returned to gameplay, the Tigers were off and running again. Teams will be enticed with the 19-year-old, due to his combination of defensive versatility and untapped offensive potential.
Pro Comparison
A hybrid of Andre Iguodala and Jaylen Brown with raw offensive skills


  • When he gets a stream of daylight he puts on the jets in a hurry towards the rim. Great athleticism. Loves to play above the rim and finish with authority. Not afraid to create contact and shows touch with both hands around the rim. 


  • Will be his calling card for NBA organizations. Fantastic versatility on the defensive side of the ball. Gives opposing players nightmares with his impressive footwork and willingness to get up and pressure ball handlers. Does a great job of reading rotations and communicating for teammates. Basketball IQ and recognition stand out defensively. 


  • Willing high energy player who does a lot of the little things. Chases down blocks, pressures ball-handlers constantly, cuts off of the ball with a purpose. His offensive game might take a while to come around, but projects to make an impact in a variety of other areas quickly. 


  • He will show you flashes of intriguing shot-creating potential, but they are far too inconsistent. Will be an area of focus for a player developmental staff at the next level. There's potential for someone to unlock the chest of skills, especially with his underrated handles.


  • Mechanics are simply too inconsistent. Will have some shots that simply aren't even close. Needs some fine tuning and repetition. Improving his shot could go a long way to increasing his value offensively, especially if he can make defenses respect him from outside. Shot 28.6% from downtown this year. Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown had similar numbers coming out of college. Could be an interesting similar developmental path for Okoro. 


  • Will need plenty of time and patience to be able to develop his offensive game. Right now he's only ready to make an impact as a defensive asset. The team that selects him will need to stress patience. Is a team willing to draft that in the Top 10? 
In the modern NBA game, players like Auburn's Isaac Okoro are highly desired. Okoro plays the game with contagious effort and makes an impact in so many areas without scoring. He has great size for a wing and his ability to defend multiple positions at a high level is something that every NBA organization is looking for. The Achilles heel here will be his ability on the offensive side of the ball. Still, there's an argument that the freshman out of Auburn has a pandora's box of offensive potential just waiting to be opened. If an NBA team is convinced that they can develop Okoro offensively, he could go as early as the Top 5 in this year's draft class. History has shown us that players with the combination of skills that Okoro has at his disposal have the potential to blossom with the right patience. Okoro projects as a high energy, versatile two-way player at the NBA level.

Atlanta, GA
United States

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Isaac Okoro
A versatile weapon on both sides of the ball, Auburn freshman Isaac Okoro has the potential to be a Top 5 selection in this year's NBA Draft.