Pre-Draft Stats

18.5 6.4 3.7 1.4 0.6 46.1 30.4 70.7 50.5 25.1
Sales Pitch
An all-around game that has a nose for the basket and untapped offensive potential on the wing.
If you didn't seem to notice Jarrett Culver during his Freshman year at Texas Tech, we promise it's for a good reason. Culver came off the bench for the Red Raiders in his first year on campus, playing behind Keenan Evans and 2018 NBA Lottery Selection Zhaire Smith (76ers). Once Culver stepped onto the court for his Sophomore year one thing was was his time. Culver started a full 38 games this year for the Red Raiders (20 starts in Freshman year) and upped his PPG from 11.6 as a Freshman to 18.5 in his Sophomore campaign. Culver attended Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas where he played for Randy Dean. Culver chose Texas Tech over Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma State. Jarrett was Ranked 80th in ESPN Top 100 coming out of High School.
Pro Comparison
Kris Middleton without the Outside Shot yet


  • Does a great job of attacking the lane and finishing with both hands. A capable offensive driver who throws a variety of set-up moves at help defenders to get to the rim. Does a good job of in-air adjustments around defenders, but will need to improve against defenders with plus length.


  • Vastly underrated passer in various situations including decision making off of P&R. Does a good job of creating time and setting up defenses with hesitations off the bounce to create passing lanes. Unselfish with good basketball IQ. Get's in trouble at times with telegraphing passes.


  • Shows the ability to be a plus defender in multiple situations. Will be able to hold more than his own at defending multiple positions at the next level. Good anticipation and strategic at going for steals. Shows ability offensively to become a threat at shooting off the bounce and in hand-off situations, especially when in mid-range. If a team can unlock his three-point range on a consistent basis, he possesses the potential to be an elite scorer in the NBA.



  • While he's developed a solid mid-range game, Culver lacks the consistency to be a threat from deep. Slow load up on his shot, and will need repetition and additional upper body strength to quicken his release. Get's a little trigger happy with the mid-range game. Was asked to carry a heavy load of scoring for the Red Raiders this year. Is the questionable shot selection because of his role or is it a worry moving forward?


  • Not the most fluid ball-handler and he's going to need to quicken his first step at the next level when going against NBA wings. Relied too heavily on his length to get past smaller defenders at the College level.


  • Has prototypical size that you want in a wing, especially out of the Shooting Guard position, but thin framed. Average quickness and frame could be problematic in the future against bigger wings.

After an impressive Sophomore year for the Texas Tech Red Raiders and a deep tourney run, Culver has positioned himself to become a top 5 pick in this years NBA Draft. You could argue that Culver possesses one of the highest offensive ceilings of this years draft class, based on the fact that he has so much untapped potential when it comes to developing as a go-to scorer. He's a good bet to experience some growing pains off the bat, and I can see him relying on his ability to get into the lane early in his NBA career. Culver is going to need to put in work in the weight room and court early in order to develop his frame but if he does, expect his shooting range and defensive ability to climb in a hurry.

Dallas, TX
United States

Draft Selection
Jarrett Culver, Texas Tech
The Texas Tech wing has had his draft stock rise steadily over these last few months. Let's take a look at why Jarrett Culver is becoming a popular name in lottery discussions.