Pre-Draft Stats

10.0 5.0 0.3 0.6 2.2 72.8 0.0 74.0 72.8 27.0
Sales Pitch
The prototypical rim running big that possesses the ability to become a defensive anchor.
Nobody thought that Texas big man Jaxson Hayes would find himself positioned to become a potential lottery pick this summer until the 6'11" freshman got on the floor. Hayes is everything you want in a prototypical modern age big man for the NBA. He possesses a great combination of length and athleticism that make center-needy teams drool. Jaxson was originally ranked as the 89th prospect in the ESPN 100 out of high school but slowly started to gain the serious attention of NBA personnel with his defensive potential and ability to run the floor. Hayes possesses a 7'3.5" wingspan and uses it well as he went on to average 2.2 blocks per game in his Freshman year. Hayes shows impressive hands and footwork in the open floor, thanks to his previous experience of playing three years of wide receiver for his high school football team.
Pro Comparison
Clint Capela. Yep, Clint Capela


  • Moves fluidly in the open court for a player with his size. Quick leaper, which helps him with finishing around the basket with power. Shows great footwork, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Lob threat in pick and roll situations. 


  • Volleyball spikes lay-up attempts. Great explosiveness and timing. Long arms allow him to contest shots at a high level. Shows tremendous potential to develop into a switch asset on the defense side of the ball. Quick lateral ability and good feet. 


  • Comes from a strong background of successful former athletes with long careers. Plays hard with a lot of passion. Played football as well in high school until a late growth spurt. Can become a serious weapon once his body fills out. Just scratching the surface. 


  • Looks at times lost, like someone who is still figuring out how to use his body the best way. Will need to develop fundamentals on defense. Highlight shot blocker but also a liability at times in pick and roll situations as well as defensive rotations. Needs to become a better screener. Often sets "ghost screens." 


  • Thin framed and should fill out but he will get overpowered by grown men at the next level. Needs to show some toughness. Could be a liability on the boards against stronger players. 


  • History of foul trouble and not being able to stay on the court. Tries to go for big rejection too often, gets himself in trouble. NBA Veterans will have a field day with that. Reaches often. 
With the way the NBA game has transitioned, there has been a rebirth of importance for a shot-blocking big in the league. Hayes offers the skill set teams will covet in a big man but also possesses excellent athleticism and has an untapped offensive game. Jaxson will need to spend some serious time in the weight room adding to his frame, but his tools should draw plenty of fans in front offices and he should find himself hearing his name in the lottery on draft night.

Norman, OK
United States

Draft Selection