Pre-Draft Stats

11.6 2.8 5.4 1.5 0.3 48.2 29.4 87.6 53.5 16.5
Sales Pitch
A smooth left-handed playmaker that projects to have star potential offensively if he can unlock various aspects of his game.
You could argue that no player in this year's draft class has gained more momentum than Killian Hayes. The young left-handed ball handler has been playing in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), for Ratiopharm Ulm. Hayes, who was originally born in Florida, moved to France at an early age as his father was continuing his basketball career overseas. Ever since then, Hayes has been growing his game internationally at a young level and has impressed during a number of various FIBA competitions. Hayes will be one of the youngest prospects in this year's class and offers an intriguing amount of firepower on the offensive side of the ball. Combining that with great size for a floor general at 6'5", it's no surprise why teams are starting to get smitten with the idea of adding a talent like Hayes to their organization.
Pro Comparison
Chef’s mix of D'Angelo Russell, Goran Dragic, and James Harden


  • Displays a treasure chest of offensive weaponry. Shows good touch on floaters. Step back specialist, which will draw plenty of James Harden comparisons. Is shifty with the ball in his hands and does a great job of setting up defenders with hesitations. 


  • Pick and roll maestro. Patiently waits to see his opening and works to get there. Still seems to be an untapped potential to fully unlock the P&R game. Good vision for a ball handler. Frequently throws dimes off of the bounce to teammates. Shows great vision specifically in transition as well when locating teammates. If he can develop his off-hand, he could become a problem for opposing defenses. 


  • A good combination of size and length for a primary ball-handler. Has the potential to be an asset on the defensive side of the ball. Shows active approach defensively and has upside as a versatile defender. 


  • You find yourself yelling "go right" when watching Hayes. Will need to develop confidence in his ability with his off-hand, as it's holding back some of his game. 


  • Has a number of instances in which aggressive ball pressure completely throws him off. Panics, which ends up disrupting the offensive flow. Will need to work on his ball handling and composure or elite defenders will have a field day. 


  • Despite having great size, he doesn't have an impressive combination of athleticism and burst. Doesn't finish with both hands, so he's limited when it comes to finishing. 
It's hard not to get excited about Killian Hayes, especially when you flip on the tape. In a league in which offensive firepower is heavily desired, Hayes projects to bring a serious punch to a teams offensive game. But there's still plenty of his game that needs to be fine tuned. Hayes is extremely left-handed dominant for one thing and don't think that every NBA team won't have that circled on their scouting reports. If Hayes can continue to add to his arsenal, including improving his handle, there's potential for a team to hit gold here.

Lakeland, FL
United States

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Draft Selection
Killian Hayes
One of the hottest international names in NBA Draft circles, Killian Hayes has made a name for himself this year with his scoring ability and all around potential. Is he worthy of consideration towards the top of the NBA Draft?