Pre-Draft Stats

18.5 4.8 5.2 1.8 0.6 45.9 36.6 80.2 52.1 19.8
Sales Pitch
One of the fastest ball handlers in the class who can attack downhill or create his own shot from deep.
In a point guard-heavy draft, there wasn't a lot of preseason attention being paid to Alabama guard Kira Lewis Jr. Once the college basketball season was underway, that changed in a hurry. Lewis jumps off of the tape with his blazing speed and sports car-like change of gears in the open floor. It didn't take long before NBA organizations realized this as well, and Lewis saw his draft stock continue to climb throughout the year. Lewis doesn't just have elite speed to his game but also has a developing arsenal of offensive weaponry. A rapidly developing ball-handler with outside shooting potential, Lewis Jr is quickly becoming a draft favorite.
Pro Comparison
Shades of Lou Williams and Dennis Schroder


  • Absolute blur with the ball in his hands. Can get a defensive rebound and be on the run in the blink of an eye. He has defenses always on their toes because of his ability to explode by defenders. Arguably the fastest ball handler in this years class.


  • Does a phenomenal job of recognizing his ability to use his speed and create lanes for himself using hesitations and change of gears. Will work to get high percentage shots all over the floor. Does a great job of playing off of hesitations and shows awareness to not force field goals. Showcases good touch on floaters as well as some promising footwork when attacking. 


  • His form from outside, as well as his FT%, provides long-term hope that he can become a consistent threat from outside. Was a bit streaky at Bama, but could prove to become a promising development as a multi-level scorer. 


  • As the case with most young guards that possess blazing speed, he finds himself driving into traffic recklessly at times. He needs to slow down at times and play the game with some pace. Could help get away from his tunnel vision habits when attacking the lane. Improved spacing in the NBA could also do him wonders. 


  • Could do wonders for a variety of aspects of his game if he can add some muscle to his frame. He's a willing defender who fights hard to get through screens, but he's going to need to get stronger to deal with bigger opponents at the next level. 


  • His ability as a playmaker is solid but you'd like to see it improve. A bit wild when delivering passes. Vision needs to improve. Ranked in the 62nd percentile (via Synergy) as a P&R ball handler. 
Every time you watch Alabama guard Kira Lewis Jr on film you find yourself with the same argument. "Do we need to move him up on our draft board?" Lewis Jr does so many things on the basketball court that get you excited as a talent evaluator. When it comes to prospects transitioning to the NBA level of play, point guards have one of the most difficult transitions. The speed of the game has just doubled, and each player finds the game "slowing down" at different times over the course of their careers. The one skillset that helps young point guards the most? Speed. Kira Lewis Jr projects to be one of the fastest ball handlers in this class, with an underrated feel for the game and great usage of his change of gears as a floor general. Teams could find themselves buying into the long term potential of Lewis and he looks like a prospect who can continue to climb boards throughout the predraft process.

Meridianville, AL
United States

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