Pre-Draft Stats

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Sales Pitch
Productive big at Kentucky who saw the light come on during the year and looked like a totally different player.
There was a lot of hype around the potential for Kentucky big man Nick Richards over the course of his career at Kentucky. NBA scouts and evaluators kept waiting for the former highly touted high school recruit to take the next leap forward in his development but it never seemed to happen. That was until the light switch flipped during Richards junior year and made him look like a completely different player. There's no denying the tools that Richards has in his game as a rebounding and rim-protecting presence.
Pro Comparison
Some Samuel Dalembert to his game


  • Good potential as a rim protector thanks to his length and quickness. Good anticipation skills and grabs shots at the highest point. Shows good timing when coming over as a help-side protector. Ranked in 88th percentile in overall defense (via Synergy).


  • With his combination of size and length, he has some pure power when he has a head of steam. A potential lob threat as a roll man because of his soft hands and leaping ability. Not afraid to go at a defender and finish with contact. Ranked in 89th percentile as P&R roll man (via Synergy).


  • Shows good explosiveness especially when it comes to the offensive glass. Good timing & attacks the ball at it's highest point. Doesn't bring it down on his gather and can explode quickly with power. Does a great job moving off of the ball especially as a cutter where he ranked in the 99th percentile (via Synergy). Doesn't have an advanced arsenal when it comes to post-up offense, but shows touch and posted a 79.0 FG% around the basket. 


  • He will be 23 years old as a rookie and some will question just how much upside he has to his game. His outside shot offers promising form but he needs to quickly develop it on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, bigs with his skill set come around often so what will make him stick on an NBA roster?


  • Not much of a playmaking asset at all and will make some head-scratching mental lapses. His overall feel for the game is going to be a potential "swing" skill set when it comes to his NBA career projection. 
There was a lot of hype built up around the career that Kentucky big man Nick Richards would have in Lexington. Although some might believe that Richards didn't live up to heavy expectations, he showed serious flashes of ability down the stretch for the Wildcats this year and got himself back into the draft conversation. Richards will be an interesting prospect to monitor. He looks like a potential second-round selection as of now that most likely will warrant a two-way contract to start off. Improving his outside shooting and his overall feel for the game would be a leap forward for his potential on an NBA roster.


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