Pre-Draft Stats

8.8 3.9 2.4 1.1 0.3 40.7 29.5 67.9 45.9 12.6
Sales Pitch
Athletic combo guard with sports car-like speed who shows flashes of long term offensive versatility.
One of the top prospects out of high school, RJ Hampton sent shockwaves to the basketball world when he announced he would forego college and sign a multi-year deal to play with the New Zealand Breakers of the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia. It was one of the prestigious high school basketball players to decide to go overseas instead of the "one-and-done" collegiate route. Hampton would go on to play 15 games for the Breakers, before deciding to return to the US on February 4th and prepare for the 2020 NBA Draft. Although there's mixed reviews about Hampton's play overseas, the potential when it comes to Hampton is still tantalizing. Before playing in the NBL, Hampton was ranked 5th in both the ESPN100 and 247Sports rankings.
Pro Comparison
Dante Exum with sports car speed


  •  Has Ferrari like speed, especially when in the open court. Will turn on the afterburners and blow by defenders. Knows when to set up defenders with hesitations and change of gears. Gets downhill in a hurry. Knows how to create a window for him to explode towards the lane. 


  •  Explosive first step and has a bank vault filled with untapped playmaking potential waiting to be cracked. Promising feel for the game and underrated ability to see the floor. Understands when the defense collapses on him and his effectiveness as a drive-and-kick passer. 


  •  Plays with a lot of grit and desire. Not afraid to crash the glass and rip the ball away from bigs. Will make some mistakes, but it's almost because he's playing too hard. Could become a valuable asset on the defensive side of the ball once the game slows down for him. Has all of the tools and effort to become a promising defensive weapon in the backcourt. 


  • Inconsistent when it comes to shooting from both deep and off of the bounce. It will be the question moving forward when it comes to evaluating Hampton. If an NBA team can unlock his jumper, they might have a winning lottery ticket. Shows potential as a catch and shoot threat from deep. Some fine tuning and upper body strength could do wonders.


  • Hampton has a fantastic amount of athleticism to his game and he uses it well, but he's thin framed. To take the next leap forward in his development, he needs to add some weight and strength to his frame. It will help him in so many aspects of the game. Runs into problems when having to deal with bigger opponents on both sides of the ball. 


  • Needs to work on his P&R coverages. Gets caught up on defending screens too much. Needs some tuning when it comes to defensive fundamentals. Will make mistakes because he's playing so hard. Not a bad thing, but eventually needs a coach to open his mind about how to read defenses and settle down. 
RJ Hampton is another 2020 Draft Prospect who has had traveled down an interesting path to get to where he is today. While many in the basketball world were expecting Hampton to announce he would be playing at a powerhouse collegiate school, he shocked all of us and decided to take his game overseas for a year of preparation. You'll get mixed reviews when you ask evaluators what they thought of Hampton's play in the NBL, but there's still plenty of flashes to think his best basketball is far ahead of himself. The next step in Hampton's development? Getting his jumper down and living in the weight room. Both could double as pouring gasoline on a fire when it comes to bring Hampton's best basketball out. Hampton is looking like a mid to late lottery pick at this point, but if an NBA team believes they have the system to unlock RJ's talents...he could go earlier than some expect.

Dallas, TX
United States

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RJ Hampton
After shocking the basketball world with his decision to play overseas last year, RJ Hampton finds himself ready for the next jump to the NBA level.