Pre-Draft Stats

22.6 8.9 2.1 2.1 1.8 68.0 33.8 64.0 70.8 40.8
Sales Pitch
Once in a generation alien like monster that jumps higher than everyone and will be the best athlete in the NBA once he walks on stage.
Hopefully, you haven't been living on another planet this year and were able to partake in the Zion Williamson experience. Williamson came to Duke as the #4 recruit in the ESPN Top 100. He was a viral sensation for his jaw-dropping dunks, showing the world an incredible amount of explosiveness for a "big" man. Williamson was one of the most interesting High School prospects because a lot of people didn't know much about him other than his incredibly "hyped" athleticism. It was thought that Williamson was bound to play his college hoops for nearby Clemson until he shocked the world and announced his commitment to Duke and Coach K. Since day one, it was obvious that Zion Williamson has the potential to take the basketball world by storm.
Pro Comparison
Shawn Kemp with Point Guard vision and Dennis Rodman's Rebounding Ability


  • A bull in a china shop that is under control and can not only blow by you with his speed but can make you look silly with his horizontal agility. Incredible explosiveness and overall power. Has the ability to defend any position with his size, speed, and agility. Vertical is something out of a video game. 


  • Underrated distributor with the ball in his hands that thrives when his team is in transition. Zion has the ability to become a phenomenal passer at the next level. Has potential to be a P&R ball handler at the next level, thanks to his instincts and ability to create separation.


  • Contagious energy, plays every game with high effort. Seeks out any attempt to dive for a loose ball. Loves the chase down or big play blocks. Looks to be a very high personality and should impact locker room in a big way immediately with his presence. Won't turn 19 until July. With so much of his offensive game still untapped, has potential Superstar written all over him. 



  • Going to be his Achilles heel at the next level. Slightly awkward form. Long load up. Will need to develop some sort of offensive versatility from outside if he wants to take the next leap forward in his progression to becoming an all-around player. Relies on getting to the rim too often which could get him into trouble. 


  • Looks at time to be out of shape, picking his spots to "turn it on" during games. Has a history of lower body injuries dating back to his High School days. Massive weight gain in High School might worry some. Can his frame hold up over an NBA career?


  • Possesses the ability to become an elite defender, but can be a bit too aggressive on the defensive side. Ball-watches. Will have letdowns defensively where he misses rotations. Overhelps at time to try and make a big play, which can lead to easy offensive rebound attempts for opposing team. 

One of the most "hyped" prospects in recent college basketball history. Williamson will be the overwhelming favorite to hear his name called first on draft night. Zion has the potential and right mindset to become a Superstar type of talent in the NBA, but his outside shooting will be the only thing that keeps him from reaching his potential. His size would be concerning for a player of his position, if it were not for his elite combination of power, length, and agility. Every team in this draft could use Zion. You often don't get to say that about many prospects. Williamson will offer his next team and coaching staff an elite ability to experiment with him in a variety of different line ups. He's going to be a gadget player in every way possible.

Salisbury, SC
United States

Draft Selection