Report: NBA is Back

Report: NBA is Back

When Rose said "it's been 84 years" in the movie Titanic, I'm almost certain she was describing how long it's been since a professional basketball game has been played in the NBA. Well, we got some exciting news this morning folks. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, it looks as if the NBA has its proposed "return-to-play" format ready to go.

It was reported that tomorrow was expected to be the day in which commissioner Adam Silver was having his phone call with the NBA Board of Governor's and it looks as if this is the proposed format the league is preparing to move forward with. There's a lot to take in here. First, we now have a total amount of teams to expect. As it stands now, the league will feature the current 16 playoff teams, as well as 6 additional teams that are "fighting" for a playoff spot. Those additional NBA organizations include New Orleans, Portland, San Antonio, Sacramento, and Phoenix in the Western Conference. The Washington Wizards will also be included in the Eastern Conference.

First, it's a smart decision by the NBA to try and keep the lottery-bound NBA teams at home. The league wants to continue the season while considering the health of players first and foremost. With all due respect to fans of those teams, we don't need to see the Golden State Warriors play the rest of the year. Think of the amount of personnel that would be added for another 8 teams. Too many scares, too many questions. Also, imagine a star player on one of those teams suffers a serious injury while playing these meaningless games. It would be a nightmare for those organizations for the hopeful upcoming season as well. 

The format is going to draw its fair share of criticism. Is this the NBA doing everything in its power to get the "Zion Williamson experience" in the Playoffs? Sure, there's plenty of conspiracy theories that will arise from fans and it's easy to connect the dots. I would be lying if I didn't say that the play-in format hasn't given me an average of 3 headaches a day trying to connect the dots. Basically imagine the gif from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Charlie tries to explain the "yarn map." A lot of that going on here folks. Yahoo Sports writer Keith Smith, who had an early jump on the Disney World possibility, has stated that the belief is the proposed daily schedule will be very similar to Summer League. If you aren't familiar with that concept, it's actually a huge plus for all of us. Imagine waking up and the first NBA game of the day will start early in the morning, followed by basketball games that continue throughout the entire day. Yes, that's the definition of the electric factory.

The Athletic's Sham Charania also reported in an article earlier this morning that the expectation leaguewide is for the NBA Draft Lottery AND Combine to take place sometime in the month of August. There's a lot of moving parts and details that will most likely come to full attention tomorrow (hopefully) after the board of governor's call, but the picture is becoming clear...

The NBA is returning and basketball fans have something to finally get excited about.