The Rookie Report: Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro

Good evening friends. We're back with another installment of The Rookie Report and this time, let's take a look at the sharpshooting offensive weapon in Miami. Lottery selection Tyler Herro has been one of the pleasant surprises around the NBA from the moment he stepped onto the floor this Summer in a Miami Heat uniform. If you didn't follow Summer League closely (how dare you), Herro turned a lot of heads with his impressive play during the Summer and that continued to carry over into the NBA preseason and now the regular season as well. 

If we take a look back at Herro as a prospect coming out of college, the former Kentucky Wildcat was known as a potential weapon from deep. The pleasant surprise so far has been the added versatility to Herro's offensive game, as he's not only scoring from deep but is also hurting opposing defenses in a variety of ways.


It is always interesting to see a talented rookie come in and immediately experience success. At Kentucky, Herro was surrounded by a lot of intriguing talent including previous Rookie Report subject PJ Washington (you can find here). Herro wasn't asked to do the heavy lifting at Kentucky and although his 3P% was a bit lower than normal, you often thought to yourself that Herro's outside shooting ability was destined to blossom over time. Below, we get to look at how Herro ranks on Synergy so far as a rookie with the Miami Heat. 

Tyler Herro Synergy

The numbers are about what you expect for a lottery pick that is experiencing some immediate success. The two categories that should stand out are the Spot Up and Off-Screen ratings. The fact that Herro ranks in the 98th percentile in Spot Up situations is an eye-opener for sure. I'm not too worried about some of the "bad" rankings here, as you have to remember that Herro is still a rookie. Miami currently ranks 10th in the NBA in Transition offense, so Herro's low ranking in that category is a bit interesting. You'll notice in some of the clips below that Miami is doing a good job of getting the ball in Herro's hands when he's coming off of screens, which shows for his "Very Good" ranking above. 

  • With a number of young players that get the tag of being a "great shooter", we often forget that some of them aren't simply a one-trick-pony. Herro drew some criticism in college because most evaluators feared if he would be able to create off of the dribble. From the moment Herro stepped onto an NBA court this summer, he's been nothing short of sensational with his offensive versatility. Great look here at Herro showing composure and slicing through the defense for a nice finish. 
  • Another fantastic development when it comes to Herro's game has been his stepback off of the bounce. Usually, you don't see a young player develop this sort of early confidence in a "new" move. It's been Herro's bread and butter so far early in his rookie campaign. Shout out to the coaches reading this grinding their teeth because of Herro standing on the three-point line...I feel you. 
  • This has been one of my favorite developments when it comes to Tyler Herro's game. It's a great job by Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat for utilizing their new weapon and putting him in a position to succeed. Miami does a great job of getting Herro the ball on the move, usually coming off of screens. Watch this entire set here, it's a play specifically run to set up Herro for an open jumper on the move. Herro flashes across and then after he gives this pass to Bam Adebayo, Herro sets up his defender with a fake towards the lane and it's a wide-open jumper. 
  • Again, another instance in which the Heat have a set design to get Herro an open shot off of a screen. Tough to defend when you have a lethal shooter like Herro on the move. 
  • Herro has also started to flash a bit of a punch dribble that I am all in favor for. Now while that might not seem like much of a move to you advanced bucket getters out there, the bigger takeaway from this is the development of Herro as a dual-threat with the ball in his hands. We've known that Herro can catch and shoot it from just about anywhere, but if Herro can continue to add to his arsenal off of the bounce, the sky is the limit for him. 

So far the return for the Miami Heat has been pure gold. It looks like Pat Riley and company found themselves a real steal in the NBA Draft and Herro is going to be one of the most intriguing rookies to watch develop this year. The outside shooting is always a real treat to observe, but the rapidly developing offensive game off of the bounce is what I'm personally most excited about when it comes to the young wing. Herro might have just landed in the perfect spot in Miami, and with that coaching staff in place, he's only going to continue to get better.