Miami Heat
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Miami Heat are for real. Let's take a look at why the Heat are off to a hot start.
Indiana Pacers
While some people might focus on the Victor Oladipo injury...the Indiana Pacers are starting to look like a serious sleeper in the Eastern Conference.
Charlotte Hornets
There's no secret...the Hornets are on the rebuild, but there's plenty to get excited about.
Orlando Magic
After making the playoffs last year, it looks as if the Orlando Magic are poised to take another step forward.
Sacramento Kings
After a year in which the league was caught by this the year the Kings finally make it back to the Playoffs?
Chicago Bulls
It's taken longer than expected but it looks as if the Chicago Bulls finally have the pieces in place to take a step forward in their rebuild.
New York Knicks
While it wasn't the Summer that Knicks fans dreamed of, there's still plenty to be excited about in NY.
Boston Celtics
We all know the story from last year...but this Boston Celtics team is starting to look exactly like the team Brad Stevens wants.
Los Angeles Lakers
After one of the most exciting NBA Offseason's in recent memory...the Los Angeles Lakers are all-in.
Golden State Warriors
After years of being top dog in the NBA...there's some doubt about how the Warriors will rebound after a challenging offseason. But this is when the fun begins.