Thing's Could Get Ugly In The Bay



I know what you're thinking after reading the title of this article. It's okay trust me, I can read minds. The answer is yes, I do realize that the Golden State Warriors will still have Wardell "Stephen" Curry. Yes, I am very much aware of that. 

Can we continue?

Oh no? You still aren't satisfied? YES, I am fully aware that they are most likely going to re-sign Klay Thompson, therefore locking up one of the greatest shooting backcourts in the history of this beautiful game that we call basketball. 

Okay. So please, just let me explain here. There's a serious possibility that the Warriors are going to suffer some growing pains in the next couple of years. But how?

I thought you'd never ask...

I want to play a game. I hope that sounds familiar because I said wrote that sentence in the "Jigsaw" voice. Warriors fans, I know you are most likely going to be riding your Multi-Championship high for the next several years, but let's lay out a hypothetical situation right now.


*I am not saying this situation is going to happen, just preparing you for an uncomfortable sensation you may have running down your back if this does happen. 


  • Kevin Durant doesn't Re-Sign with the Warriors

    • Here we are. You had to expect this one first and because the national media has spent so much time on it...let's keep this one short. Hypothetically, if KD does decide to leave the Dubs, there's going to be plenty of going for the Warriors already. Yes, Steph/Klay will continue to carry the Dubs for the future, but that's still a big hole to fill on the wing. 
  • Draymond Green Re-Signs for the MAX

    • Cue every Warriors fan alive potentially reading this going 1) "We don't sign him for the max" or 2) "So? Draymond is the heart of the Warriors, why would this be bad?" I'm COMPLETELY in agreement that Draymond is one of the most important players on the Warriors these days. BUT, if you had the choice to pay Draymond Green the MAX or Kevin Durant the MAX which one would you choose? 
  • Shaun Livingston Retires

    • It's time for Shaun to retire and I believe that he and everyone around knows it. But Livingston is still going to be missed. Make no mistake, Livingston's role as a pass first, HIGH IQ veteran was crucial to the Warriors Championship run over the years. It's not going to be easy to find another 6'7 back up that was a strategical advantage against other teams. 


  • Andre Iguodala Doesn't Retire

    • Before you groan...realize that I might be one of the biggest Iggy fans of all-time and no I'm not talking about the singer. Remember now, "Dre" was a huge part of the run as well when he was one of the most respected on-ball defenders in the league. Just ask Lebron James. Iguodala's play has dropped over the years and if he decides to keep playing he will bring with him a 17.1 cap hit (Spotrac) for the 2019-2020 season. 
  • The Young guys don't progress

    • This is one of the biggest points in the future of the Warriors. Over the years they just haven't had much luck when it comes to their draft picks. Damian Jones is the best piece they have going forward, but he's struggling to stay healthy. Kevon Looney was useful, but the Warriors won't want to rely on him for major minutes and he's entering Free Agency. Patrick McCaw looked to be an absolute steal for the Warriors before an awkward divorce landed him eventually in Toronto (where he most likely is going to turn things around in 2 years). Jordan Bell was thought to be the one that was going to have himself a nice career in Golden State, but after a brutal Sophomore campaign that saw his confidence suffer, he's an interesting case moving forward. Remember now, Jordan Bell will be a Restricted Free Agent this summer. It would not surprise me at all to see a team take a chance with cap space. That leaves Jacob Evans who is going to have a MASSIVE Summer ahead of him. He's going to have the chance to showcase that he deserves major minutes next year. Don't forget about Damion Lee and Marcus Derrickson who the Dubs might try to bring back "cheap" in order to solidify their depth. For those wondering, Quinn Cook will be a Free Agent.
  • The Warriors strike out on their Draft Pick

    • The Draft is a cruel monster to some, and while I find it unlikely that Bob Meyers and the Warriors Front Office won't find some great value this June, you never know with how the Draft pans out. There's plenty of talent, in my opinion, in the 20-30 range of the first round. It won't surprise me if the Warriors try to swing for the fences on a sparkplug type of player off of the bench (Carsen Edwards anyone?) But then again, you never know...
  • The Western Conference get's after it in Free Agency.

    • Let's just play matchmaker really quickly here. Let's say the Clippers get Kawhi. Somehow the Lakers strike out on everyone, but decide to overpay for Boogie Cousins. Dallas gets a healthy Porzingis back. Sacramento continues to grow. Denver's young core stays together and adds another year of chemistry to their belt. Portland adds a couple of young pieces in Free Agency. Oklahoma City adds another shooter to their arsenal. Houston keeps the pieces together. San Antonio finally gets healthy, getting Murray back at the point as well as two first-round draft picks and a motivated Lonnie Walker in his Sophomore campaign. A pissed off Lebron James. Minnesota adds another lottery talent. I can go on and on. But with limited cap space, the Warriors Front Office is going to have to dig deep this year to make some serious moves to reload this roster. 

Odds are that the Golden State Warriors are going to be okay. As long as you have that backcourt in place, everything should be just fine. But a word of warning to Dub could be an interesting offseason, to say the least.