Two-Way Focus: Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone

Before we get started let me give you some advice...If you aren't following the G-League, you need to start. Allow us to provide you with the insight to get your basketball knowledge rolling. Throughout the G-League season, our hope is to educate you with an analysis of how numerous teams "Two-Way" players are developing. An important note to remember, not every NBA team has a G-League team as of now. In fact, a total of 28 teams exist currently in the G-League, with the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets being the only two clubs without affiliate teams. 

Now, back to the good stuff. Throughout the young season, it's always intriguing to see how the combination of the G-League "alumni" and rookies come together. You can usually tell quickly who is going to be someone to keep an eye on throughout the season. For instance, Delaware Blue Coats and Philadelphia 76ers Two-Way player Marial Shayok is probably a name that has come of as of late due to his impressive scoring output. But we will get to Shayok sometime in the near future. Right now, I want to take a look at one of the prospects I was intrigued by heading into the 2019 NBA Draft and I'm excited about his start so far in the G-League.

Allow me to introduce Jordan Bone. The former University of Tennessee floor general was selected in the 2nd Round of this year's NBA Draft (57th overall) by the Detroit Pistons. Bone was a feisty competitor for the Volunteers in college and is known for his ability as a tough defender as well. Personally, I loved the selection by the Pistons and I believe Bone has the tools to develop into a rotation player at least. 

Although the G-League season is only just beginning, so far the Pistons should be pleased with Bone's play. Currently, the rookie is spending his time with the Grand Rapids Drive and ranks 2nd in the G-League in assists per game at 9.5, trailing only Josh Magette (10.0) of the Lakeland Magic. It's an eye-opening and crucial development to Bone's game, due to the fact that he wasn't known to be a high assist distributor in College. In fact, while attending Tennessee, Bone's career-high in assists was 5.8. The next critical part of Jordan's development was his outside shot, in which he posted a career average of 35.3% at Tennessee. So far? Bone is shooting 42.1% from deep in the G-League. Like we stated before, it's very early in the season, but the results have been promising so far. 

Here's a breakdown of Jordan Bone's stats so far. 



  • Like we stated above, the biggest development in Jordan Bone's offensive game is his outside shot. If Bone can consistently prove he's a threat from outside, it's going to be a big step forward in his NBA potential. We will have plenty of clips looking at Bone as an outside shooter in this article, but here's a great display of the shooting form from deep.
  • Great vision here by Jordan in the pick & roll game. Not known for his distributing/playmaking ability at Tennesee, it's a great development to keep an eye on as the year goes on. Usually, rookie point guards struggle out of the gate with the speed of the NBA. Insert a young ball handler in the G-League where he can create some immediate confidence, and you can skyrocket a player's developmental path. Bone doesn't panic when the pressure comes from the showing big and instead get's his head around to deliver a gorgeous dime to the rolling big. 
  • I loved Bone's ability to change gears and get downhill while he spent time wearing a Tennesee Volunteer uniform. He's a gritty ball handler that isn't afraid to get to the basket. Good job here by Jordan to split the defenders and go right at the Greensboro big. 
  • Just another great display of Bone showing great awareness and playmaking ability. Patience is key here, as well as keeping the eyes up to survey the entire floor. Bone notices the weakside defender moving to help and at the perfect time delivers a dime to the corner for an open three. 
  • I like this play here because it just continues to show the developing confidence that Bone has in his outside game. Nice little stepback here once Jordan reads the defender out of position. 
  • These are the kind of possessions that show that a player has been putting in work in the gym. Now remember, this is a guy that shot a career average of 35.3% from deep in college. It's starting to look as if Bone has started to believe in his outside shot, and that's a huge factor in the development of a young player. Confidence is MASSIVE when it comes to a player developing. 
  • There's a number of clips in this matchup against Westchester in which you'll see Bone becoming a scoring threat off of the bounce. All of the pieces are starting to come together when it comes to Bone becoming an all-around threat on the offensive side of the ball. 
  • Just to leave you, the reader, with a moment in which you'll slowly nod your head in approval before you continue on your journey of taking in as much basketball information as you can handle. Bone was a factor all over the court in this one, and this is simply just a big shot. In rhythm, no hesitation, you love to see it. 

It will be interesting to see how Jordan Bone continues to play for the Grand Rapids Drive in the G-League. Some basketball fans will see this and wonder why the "big club" doesn't look to call up a guy producing at a high level immediately. Remember though, as we've stated a number of times in this article, confidence is such a crucial thing for these young players. Throwing them into the fire too quickly can do a lot of damage for a young player. Detroit will keep an eye on Jordan Bone throughout the year, but for now, continuing to let his game blossom in the G-League is the best possible thing.