Two-Way Focus: Josh Gray

Josh Gray

Josh Gray is absolutely destroying nets in the G-League.

There. Do we have your full undivided attention now? 

Today we are taking a look at Josh Gray, currently of the Erie Bayhawks, and one of the Two-Way players with the New Orleans Pelicans. Gray first caught my attention with his surprising play during Summer League when he was then with the Brooklyn Nets. A small ball-handler at only 6'0", Gray makes up for his limitations with his ability to fill up the box scores IN A HURRY. In fact, as it stands right now, Josh Gray currently leads the entire NBA G-League in points per game (32.1).

Gray has been setting the nets across the G-League to a flame. It's one of those instances where you don't just look at Erie's boxscore to see if Gray had a big game, it's to see how big of a game it was including a recent 40 point performance.

Gray is in his 2nd year in the G-League after spending last year with the Northern Arizona Suns. So why is he in the G-League you ask? Well, as it is with most prospects trying to find their way onto an NBA roster full-time, Gray has some limitations. His size is one thing, but the other is the fact that he is already 26 years old. STILL, if you can play an NBA team is going to call your name eventually and Gray is making plenty of noise right now.

Here's a breakdown of Josh Gray's impressive stats throughout the G-League so far this year.



  • Gray has been a factor on both sides of the ball so far this year. Gray makes his living with changing gears and using hesitations to set up his defenders. This is a good teaser of what to expect with the clips below. 
  • Gray is at his best when he's getting downhill and attacking the basket. Gray is still developing his outside shot, but he's an incredibly tough guard off of the bounce because of his ability to get in and out of dribbles and set defenders up. Notice how shifty he is and in the blink of an eye he can switch hands and blow by a defender. 
  • If you're going to be aggressive and try to attack the rim when you have height limitations, you better get some creativeness to your finishes. Beautiful little "finger roll" here by Gray. 
  • As you can see, this is the part of Josh Gray's game that is coming along. If he can consistently become a threat from outside, his game is going to take off even more. Make no mistake, Josh wants to attack and get to the lane, but if the defense is going to give him these...he needs to be able to make them pay. 
  • Another good look at Gray's potential as an outside shooter. It's a bit of a long load for a jumper, but you can see there's potential there for Josh. Gray is shooting around 32% from 3 on the year, and it will be fascinating to see if he can improve that %. 

Overall, when you're looking at a G-League prospect, you're trying to figure out if they can make a constant contribution to an NBA team. Gray is putting up ridiculous video game-like numbers in the G-League, and it will be interesting to see if New Orleans tries to get him some playing time with the big club this year. He's lightning in a bottle when he's attacking the basket, but will that be able to transition full-time to an NBA team? From what I've seen in Summer League and so far in the G-League, Gray looks like a player that deserves to be on an NBA roster. Time will tell, but if Josh continues to keep this production up, someone is going to want to give him a real shot.