Update: New Lottery Date

NBA Draft Lottery 2020

Something that will never draw any complaints from basketball fans, the NBA has announced to teams that the Draft Lottery will be moved up to an earlier time. That's right Draft fanatics, the time until we see Mark Tatum introduce an epic amount of chaos on live television has moved up to a sooner time in our lives. There is also NO changed in the proposed date of the NBA Draft, as it remains locked in for October 16th. 

It's an exciting development as the NBA season officially begins in 10 days with scrimmages even beginning tomorrow. This year's Draft Lottery expects to be one of the most chaotic in recent memory and NBA fans will have all eyes on who lands the number one overall selection. The top prospects in this years class include Georgia freshman Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman (formerly of Memphis), as well as LaMelo Ball who recently played for the Illawarra Hawks of the NBL. 

As of now the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Minnesota Timberwolves all find themselves with a 14.0% chance of landing the number one overall selection in the Draft. The Atlanta Hawks (12.5%) and Detroit Pistons (10.5%) round out the remainder of the Top 5. It's also an important time to remind NBA and Draft fanatics that August 3rd is the deadline for prospects to withdrawl from this years draft, meaning we could still see plenty of notable prospects returning to school for another year.